Cheap Car Hire in the Yorkshire Dales

Hiring a cheap car in the Yorkshire Dales is one of the best ways to make the most of your holiday. This gives you the freedom to explore wherever you want, giving you the opportunity to visit sites and attractions that may not always be easily accessible to tourists. Not only that but, whilst on holiday you don’t want to spend hours on public transport as this can take away from your time exploring, especially if you are only on holiday for a relatively short period of time. After all, time is precious! Finally, if you are travelling as a couple or a family you can save money by hiring a car as buses will tend to charge per person per trip which can really start to add up.

Information on Places to Visit in the Yorkshire Dales With a Car

There are plenty of great things to do and explore in the Yorkshire Dales especially if you enjoy being in the outdoors. Firstly, why not go on the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail? This 4 and a half-mile trail takes you on a route through a series of beautiful waterfalls and picturesque woodland, the duration is expected to take 2-3 hours and so would be perfect on a sunny day, especially if you bring a picnic along with you! Another popular walking area is Malham Cove, this curving amphitheatre shaped cliff is a real wonder of nature, the vertical face of the cliff is roughly 260 feet high and so offers great views of the surrounding area. This cliff has amazed people for years and so is sure to be worth the visit. For the days when it is a bit too windy and wet for a hike why not visit the Dales Countryside Museum. This local museum tells the story of the people who have lived and worked in the Yorkshire Dales for over 1,000 years and so is great for those wanting to learn more about the history of the area. Finally, with the added bonus of having a car, if the weather is not great you can also go on a day trip and visit cities close by such as York or Leeds and make a day out of exploring all the shops and cafes on offer!

Car Hire Tips in the Yorkshire Dales

  • You will find a good variety of car hire companies based in the Yorkshire Dales, this includes Expedia, enterprise, hertz and more so you are sure to find a low-cost deal which suits you!
  • It’s always a good idea to use a GPS when travelling anywhere unfamiliar, google maps navigation will be a big help when driving to places like Leeds and York.
  • Booking online in advance is always recommended in order to find the best deals and save money on vehicle rental.
  • Be more cautious when driving on some of the smaller more rural roads in the Peak District, especially in the dark.