Cheap Car Hire in Italy

Having your own car while on holiday provides you with the maximum amount of flexibility for enjoying your time away as you please. It means that you don’t have to stick to rigid bus schedules and you are free to drive to those remote beaches, walks and attractions that would otherwise be almost impossible to get to. As well as restricting schedules, it can be confusing using public transport in a foreign country and spending your time worrying about whether you got on the right bus, bought the right ticket or are even travelling in the right direction is stress that you don’t need. Jumping in a taxi and trying to give directions can be a similar hassle. With your own car, you can bypass all of these problems and just get to and from where you need to go without the stress. Italy has an incredible variety of historic cities, luscious beaches and cultural attractions and these are all best and most easily accessed by car.

Car Hire Places of Interest in Italy

There are many great places to visit in Italy and one of them is the iconic city of Venice. Here you can do many exciting things including taking a relaxing trip on a gondola, browsing through many of the expensive jewellery stores and sipping a coffee in the busy and historic St.Mark’s Square. The grand historic capital of Rome is another city teeming with attractions. A guided tour of the Colosseum should be on everyone’s to-do list, the Trevi Fountain is a very pretty picture spot and the Vatican sits inside the city in its own independent country! As well as these, there is also famous gelato to try in Florence, fashion shows to attend in Milan, leaning towers to photograph in Pisa, beautiful beaches to relax on in Naples and vineyards to tour in Lecce. Travelling from city to city or even just cruising in and around a specific region is a great thing to do in itself. Having your own car will enable you to do all of this and more.

Car Hire Tips in the Italy

  • You will need a credit card to rent a car in Italy, as they do not accept cash.
  • There are lots of car hire options in Italy. All of the competitor’s tend to keep a close eye on the prices of one another, usually leading to great deals to be had.
  • Some parts of city centres have restrictions on cars for pollution purposes. Try to avoid driving at the very centre of cities if possible.
  • Some cities like Venice are completely inaccessible to cars due to the tight streets and canals. You will need a car to get to the edge of the town but then you will have to walk in.
  • The main car hire companies include Alamo, Avis, Enterprise, Hertz and AutoEurope.