Cheap Car Hire in Luton

There is no better way to make the most of your holiday than by hiring a cheap car.  This decision gives you the freedom to explore wherever you want, whenever you want; giving you the opportunity to visit sites and attractions that may not always be easily accessible to tourists. Not only that but whilst on holiday you don’t want to spend hours on public transport or taking expensive taxi rides as this can take away from your time exploring and it certainly steadily eats away into your budget. Time is precious on your holiday and you want to make time work for you, not the other way round! Finally, if you are travelling as a couple or a family you can save money with a rental vehicle car as buses will tend to charge per person per trip and larger taxis usually charge more which can really start to add up.

Luton is packed full of great things to do and see and what better place to start than Stockwood Park. The park itself is around 100-hectares and features an 18-hole golf course, sports pitches, athletic facilities, a discovery centre and unsurprisingly, some very pleasant walks to enjoy. Another splendid place to target when you’re in Luton is Wardown Park. Its main landmark is the suspension bridge which dates all the way back to 1908 (but has since been restored). The Wardown Park Museum is always a fascinating visit too. Another great sight to see in Luton with a low cost reant a car is St.Mary’s Church. It has been restored and maintained a number of times since its original build but remnants of the history of the 850 year old building can still be seen. For example, the incredible 14th-century Gothic octagonal canopy and the chapel’s stained glass windows, dating from the early 20th century. If you are looking for a lively day out with the kids (or even just the adults), then look no further than Whipsnade Zoo. You will find this zoo just a few miles outside of Luton into the Dunstable Downs. It may not be the most famous name but it is actually the largest zoo in the UK. As well as the chance to see cheetahs, elephants and lions, for a bit of an extra cost you can also get the chance to get up close to the rhinos and giraffes.

  • You will find a good selection of car hire companies to choose from at Luton Airport.
  • We always recommend that you book your car hire well in advance in order to get the best deals.
  • Because there is a reasonable amount of car hire competition here, you can usually find a car hire for a great price.
  • The centre of Luton is easily navigable by foot but if you want to truly maximise everything that the region has to offer, especially attractions like Whipsnade Zoo, then a car is almost essential.