Frequently Asked Questions

You have a query about the holiday you booked or a holiday you have seen our site who do you need to contact?

Please contact the travel agent you booked with or the travel agent who is advertising the offer.

I have forgot the details of the company I booked with how can I get their details?

To obtain the details about the company you booked with please check with your bank account or credit card company as they will have details on who the payment was made to.

Passport & Visa Advice

Any information regarding passports and visas please go to

Foreign Office Advice

Any recent information from the foreign office please go to:

How much does it cost to cancel a holiday?

You will need to contact the company you booked with directly and enquire

What is included in the advertised price?

Return flights from and back to the UK and the hotel accommodation for the duration and board basis, as advertised in the offer are included. Fees which cannot be removed, such as booking fees, ticket on departure fees, airline compulsory fees, airport taxes and ATOL fees are also included.

Are the price quoted online for two adults sharing?

Yes, the price is per person based on two adults sharing unless stated in about client section.

As your method of payment can differ depending on how you choose to pay, payment fees such as card charges may not be included but will be displayed on the "Offer details" pop-up display.

Optional extras (e.g. items that can be added to a holiday, at your choice) may not be included. Optional items can include resort transfers, checked-in luggage & in-flight meals. If any of these items cannot be removed, then the item in question will be included in the advertised price.

Are transfers included in the price?

Transfers may be included in the price you see please check with the supplier when calling.

Is it possible to pay for holidays on more than one card?

Yes, this should be possible but please check with agent when confirming your reservation

Are there any extra charges for paying with a Card?

No there are no extra charges for paying by card.

How long before departure does your holiday have to be paid for?

Different companies will have different payment terms. Please contact the advertiser of who the specific offer is with.

How do I tell you about an issue on your website?

In order to improve customer experience on our website, we welcome all positive and negative comments regarding the site, including faults, speed issues, improvements, errors, etc, please e-mail us at [email protected]

Your feedback will be responded to within business hours (9am-5pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays).

We thank you in advance for your feedback.

I have not received any receipts or confirmation since I booked, when will I receive any correspondence?

The agent who booked your holiday with will provide you with this information. If you have concerns about time taking to receive any receipts of confirmation please contact the company you booked with.

When will I receive my travel documents?

The agent who booked your holiday with will provide you with this information. If you have a concerns about time taking to receive any travel documents please contact the company you booked with.

The receipt/invoice I have just received show my details incorrectly, what shall I do?

If you have any concerns with receipts or invoices please contact the company you booked with directly.

How do I change or cancel all or part of my booking?

Please contact the company you booked with.

How do I know who I am going to fly with?

You will find out who you are flying with at the time of booking

Do all the deals include return flights?

Yes all the offers include return flights.

How can you find out the flight times?

These will be provided at the time of booking

What am I restricted to take in my luggage?

Security restrictions apply at all UK airports, for the most up to date information, please click on your departure airport below:

Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Derry, Doncaster, Durham Tees Valley, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Exeter, Gatwick, Glasgow, Heathrow, Humberside, Leeds/Bradford, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Prestwick, Southampton, Stansted

How do I submit my passport details for the Advanced Passenger Information (API) scheme?

Please contact the company you booked with

How do I report an issue or problem I had with my trip?

Please contact the company you booked with.