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Most of us Brits are very familiar with the Balearic Islands and it is little wonder why. They are made up of Majorca, Menorca and of course, Ibiza. Each offers its own dose of sunshine, activities, fantastic resorts, excitement, unique characteristics and memories to be made. 

Holidays for Everyone

Beginning with the beautiful island of Majorca, this holiday destination is a huge favourite of ours and sees a staggering 6 million visitors to its shores every year. It is very accessible with budget airlines offering flights to the island all year round so whether you want to visit in the scorching summer, the warm spring or the temperate winter, all options are open to you. With a diverse range of resorts to choose from too, from Alcudia to Magaluf to Playa de Muro, your perfect holiday is no doubt waiting right here.

Menorca is often considered Majorca’s smaller sibling and that suits a lot of people’s tastes. Menorca is a much smaller island and much less recognised internationally so as you can imagine, receives significantly fewer visitors each year. Don’t let that tell you anything about quality though, as Menorca is the ideal destination for a relaxing retreat in the sun. With many inland trails to adventure through, historical sights to see and beautiful landscapes to soak in, this is a refreshing alternative to the other two islands. Not to mention the same luscious, sandy beaches that the others offer as well! Make sure you check out Cala Blanca and Los Delfines which are two of our favourite resorts.

Finally, we have the island of Ibiza that needs very little introduction. Despite having a reputation as a fantastic place to party - which it is - there is also so much more to do on the final of our Balearic Islands. As is the case with the other islands, Ibiza is just a short 3 hour journey away which is nothing when you think about the almost guaranteed, all-year-round sunshine on the other side. Ibiza is home to wide sandy beaches, luxurious and more affordable resorts and some of the best sunsets in the world. Don’t believe us? You should consult Instagram! Whether you are looking to party the night away in the popular area of San Antonio Town or want somewhere a little more relaxing like Cala Llonga, Ibiza might just be the island for you.