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Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde, is an archipelago of ten islands off the coast of West Africa. An exotic haven that is increasingly popular with tourists, Cape Verde blends African, Portuguese, and Brazilian influences into a unique cultural tapestry. From the lively rhythms of local music to the breathtaking landscapes, the islands offer a variety of experiences to explore. Whether it's the pristine beaches, the adventurous hiking trails, or the buzzing local markets, every island has its own character, ready to be discovered.

Here's what you need to know to plan your perfect Cape Verde holiday.

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Great Beaches in Cape Verde

From water sports havens to tranquil shores, there's a beach for every taste:

Sal Island: Known for its vibrant water sports scene, particularly in Santa Maria Beach. Kite surfing, snorkelling, and diving are popular here.

Boa Vista: This island offers dunes and endless golden sands, perfect for relaxing or beachcombing.

São Vicente: With both sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs, it's a stunning location for sunsets and coastal exploration.

Things To Do in Cape Verde

Whether you're an active traveller or cultural enthusiast, the islands offer diverse activities to suit all interests:

Hiking in Santo Antão: The island's breathtaking scenery offers some of the best hiking experiences, from rugged peaks to verdant valleys.

Windsurfing in Sal: Sal Island is considered one of the top windsurfing destinations in the world, attracting enthusiasts of all levels.

Explore Local Culture: Engage with local communities in traditional villages, participate in local crafts, music, and dance, and learn about Cape Verde's rich multicultural heritage.

Events in Cape Verde

From music to carnivals, there's always something happening:

Carnival (February): A dazzling spectacle, with elaborate costumes, lively music, and energetic dancing.

Music Festivals: The islands host numerous music festivals like the Baía das Gatas Festival, where local and international artists celebrate Cape Verde's musical heritage.

Kriol Jazz Festival: This festival in Praia celebrates Creole jazz and promotes young talents, fostering connections between Creole-speaking musicians.

Popular Food & Drink in Cape Verde

A melting pot of influences creates a tasty array of dishes and beverages to explore:

Cachupa: A signature dish, a slow-cooked stew of corn, beans, fish, or meat, often flavoured with chorizo and other local spices.

Grogue: A potent sugarcane liquor, an essential part of the local culture. It's used in cocktails or served straight, often accompanying local celebrations.

Fresh Seafood: From grilled tuna to lobster, Cape Verde's coastal location ensures an abundance of fresh seafood prepared with local flair.

Cultural Sights in Cape Verde

From UNESCO World Heritage sites to local crafts, explore the islands' cultural treasures:

Cidade Velha: Explore the rich history and colonial architecture of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Mindelo: Known as Cape Verde's cultural capital, with a lively arts scene, music festivals, and colourful markets.

Traditional Villages: Wander through villages where time seems to stand still, witnessing traditional ways of life, crafts, and ceremonies.

Nightlife in Cape Verde

From beachside bars to city clubs, the islands offer a diverse range of evening entertainment:

Cape Verde's nightlife mainly includes beach bars with live local ‘funaná’ music to sophisticated clubs in cities like Praia. Dance the night away to a blend of local and international rhythms or enjoy a cocktail by the sea under a starlit sky.

Travel Advice for Cape Verde

Best Time to travel: Cape Verde enjoys a mild tropical climate year-round. Temperatures hover around 25°C, peaking slightly higher during September to November. The islands are less crowded during May to June, and rainfall is rare, making any season a good time to visit.

Passports & Visas: British and Irish citizens must have a valid passport but don't need a visa for short stays. For the most up-to-date passport and visa info, British citizens visit, and Irish citizens visit

Health & Safety: Comprehensive travel and medical insurance are advisable. Vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever may be recommended. Consult your healthcare provider for specific advice.

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Cape Verde FAQs

Portuguese is the official language, but Cape Verdean Creole is widely spoken. English is understood in tourist areas.
The local currency is the Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE), but Euros are accepted in some places.
Absolutely, with its romantic beaches, luxury resorts, and unique cultural experiences, Cape Verde is an ideal honeymoon destination.
Consult your healthcare provider about recommended vaccinations, which may include Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever.
Inter-island flights are common, while ferries, taxis, and local buses provide alternatives. Car rentals are available for those who wish to explore on their own.

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Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE)
Approx 550,483
Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole
GMT -1
6 hours from Gatwick
Ambulance 130
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