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Cape Verde sits in the Atlantic Ocean three hundred miles off the coast of Senegal and is fairly new to mass-market tourism. The islands gained independence from the Portuguese in 1975 and with few natural resources, their economy struggled. The tourist industry is their saviour so every effort is made to make your stay as pleasant and as memorable as possible. With year-round sunshine, only a six hour flight from Britain and being virtually in the same time zone, it is an ideal winter destination. There are ten main islands and each has their own strengths and attractions. What the islands of the archipelago have in common are wonderful beaches of soft sand and crystal clear waters which is the reasons why it is known as the African Caribbean. The topography of these volcanic islands differs enormously. The majority are mountainous while others are completely flat with an alien looking landscape.

Sal is flat and desolate looking but nevertheless attracts many visitors. Whether you simply want a beach for relaxing under a warm sun or are a water sports enthusiast, a cheap Sal holiday would fit the bill. Santa Maria beach is second to none and the tourist developments offer good facilities. The winds from November and March offer perfect conditions for wind and kite surfing. This remarkable island is best explored on Quad bikes. Boa Vista is less arid than Sal though it still has rocky deserts. It is renowned for its long stretches of white sand. The waters around the islands have a very fertile coral reef so it is a very rewarding place for scuba divers and snorkellers.

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Life on the islands is very simple. Though hotels offer high standards of comfort and service the levels of luxury do not equate to those in Europe. When it comes to eating, the larger tourist areas serve a good variety of international cuisine. The smaller ones serve mainly local fare with tasty Creole dishes. Rice is the staple food.

Cape Verde is the ideal destination for those seeking a beach holiday where relaxation is the order of the day. Perfect at any time of year, a cheap Cape Verde winter break is a great antidote to the dark season's blues. Use Cheekytrip price comparison site to find the best deal. Simply enter your point of departure, your dates and destination and, within a matter of seconds, we'll find you best offers from over three dozen travel companies. All you have to do is call the number and make your booking.