Cheap Car Hire in the USA

Car hire is now a booming and essential industry in almost all holiday destinations around the world. This comes as no surprise given all of the advantages that hiring a car gives you while on holiday: convenience, flexibility and accessibility. There is huge convenience in being able to nip out in your car for ten minutes to the local shops rather than walking half an hour there and back in the heat. Car hire is flexible since you can come and go from places on your own schedule, you don’t have to stick to the timetable of local bus or shuttle services. Car hire provides immense accessibility to the whole surrounding area and region. Rather than being confined to your small town or resort and relying on slow buses or expensive taxis to take you further afield, having your own car means you can explore and discover new places directly and only for the price of fuel. There are many advantages to hiring a car in the USA and given that the country is so car and highway-oriented to get from place to place, it is almost essential no matter where you are staying. Car hire up and down the USA provides anything from flashy sports cars to practical SUVs to chunky pick-up trucks and everything in between. Whatever type of car you are seeking, you can guarantee that your American destination will have it for hire!

Car Hire Places of Interest in the USA

The USA is a massive country and although you might not be driving it from end-to-end, you will need a car to make the most of almost any destination. Starting on the east coast, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the country and is steeped in rich American history. Its buildings are a mixture of old colonial style and more modern designs and it is now known for its large number of universities, parks, bars and other entertainment venues. Moving all the way down the east coast you will find the sunshine state of Florida. Whether you are staying in the lively city of Miami, taking a trip to Disney World in Orlando or relaxing down in the Florida Keys, you will also be just a short drive from gorgeous beaches, lively bars, fun watersports and exciting theme parks. Crossing over to the west coast and there is perhaps no destination more famous than the state of California. Visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, strolling through Hollywood and relaxing on one of the many famous beaches are just a few of the things to do. And that Route 66 thing? You might need a car for that. All of this and more are awaiting you in the USA, so what are you waiting for? Get your holiday and car hire booked with us today!

Car Hire Tips in the United States

  • If there ever was a country where car hire is essential, the USA is it. Whether you are travelling to and from the airport, to the supermarket or the local shopping mall, you can guarantee that you will need to travel via some long and wide roads to get there.
  • Car hire is available in every major city, usually from the airport but also at some train and bus stations.
  • Because there are so many cars on the road it is unsurprising that there are so many car hire firms. Some of the big ones include Alamo, Enterprise, Avis, Dollar, Thrifty and Budget.
  • Since there are so many car hire companies in the majority of destinations, you can usually score a great deal.