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The Canary Islands, known for their year-round sun, beautiful beaches, and dramatic landscapes, offer an ideal holiday destination for all kinds of holidaymakers. From the golden dunes of Gran Canaria to the moon-like terrain of Lanzarote, each island offers a unique character and beauty. Famed for their diversity, a holiday in the Canary Islands promises a variety of experiences for solo travellers, families and friends.

Each of the Canary Islands offers unique historical and cultural attractions, from Tenerife's majestic Teide National Park to the charming whitewashed villages of Fuerteventura. Influences from Spain, Africa, and the New World have shaped the Canaries' unique culture and traditions, which are best experienced through their music, festivals, and cuisine.

Whether you're soaking up the sun on a beach in Lanzarote, exploring the lush forests of La Palma, stargazing in La Gomera, or enjoying the vibrant nightlife of Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands provide a holiday full of adventure and relaxation.

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Islands to Visit in the Canaries

Tenerife: Known for its beautiful beaches, Teide National Park, and lively nightlife, Tenerife is the most visited of the Canary Islands.

Gran Canaria: Famous for its diverse landscapes, Gran Canaria offers everything from sandy dunes to green ravines and quaint mountain villages.

Lanzarote: Recognized for its unique volcanic landscapes and beautiful beaches, Lanzarote is also home to several interesting works by the local artist César Manrique.

Fuerteventura: Known for its impressive beaches and excellent conditions for water sports like surfing and windsurfing. It is also one of the quieter islands.

La Palma: Known as "La Isla Bonita," La Palma offers lush forests, stunning hiking trails, and is a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Popular Food & Drink in the Canaries

Papas Arrugadas: These "wrinkly potatoes" are a staple of Canarian cuisine, traditionally served with a spicy red or green mojo sauce.

Ropa Vieja: A popular dish made from chickpeas, meat, and potatoes, often considered the national dish of the Canary Islands.

Gofio: A type of flour made from roasted grains, used in a variety of dishes, from soups to desserts.

Canarian Wines: The Canary Islands produce a range of wines, known for their distinctive flavours due to the volcanic soil in which the grapes are grown.

Ron Miel: A popular liqueur made from rum and honey, often served as a digestif after meals.

Things To Do in the Canaries

Explore Teide National Park: Discover the natural beauty of Teide National Park in Tenerife, home to Spain's highest mountain and one of the best places in the world for stargazing.

Relax on the Beach: Enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Canary Islands, whether it's the golden sands of Maspalomas in Gran Canaria, the unique black beach of Playa Jardin in Tenerife, or the tranquil waters of Playa de Las Conchas in La Graciosa.

Discover Unique Landscapes: From the lunar-like landscapes of Lanzarote's Timanfaya National Park to the lush laurel forests of Garajonay National Park in La Gomera, the Canaries offer a wealth of natural beauty to explore.

Events in the Canaries

Carnival (February-March): The Canary Islands host one of the world's largest carnival celebrations, particularly in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, with music, parades, and elaborate costumes.

Corpus Christi (June): Witness the beautiful tradition of creating intricate carpets of flowers and coloured salts in La Orotava, Tenerife during the Corpus Christi festival.

Music Festivals (Summer): Enjoy a variety of music festivals throughout the summer, from the Festival of Music of the Canary Islands to the Fuerteventura en Música.

Balearic Islands Nightlife

Nightlife in the Canary Islands varies greatly from island to island, with options ranging from lively beach bars and clubs to quieter taverns and restaurants.

Tenerife: Known for its vibrant nightlife, especially in Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos, where you will find plenty of clubs, bars, and restaurants.

Gran Canaria: The island's nightlife is concentrated in the south, particularly in the Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas areas, known for their bustling beach bars and nightclubs.

Lanzarote: The nightlife here is more laid-back compared to Tenerife or Gran Canaria, with a good mix of quiet bars, live music venues, and a few clubs, particularly in the Puerto del Carmen area.

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Travel Advice for the Canary Islands

Best Time to travel: The Canary Islands enjoy a pleasant climate year-round, but the best times to visit are spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) when temperatures are comfortable, and crowds are fewer. Summers can be hot but offer the best beach weather.

Passports & Visas: British and Irish citizens don’t need a visa to enter Spain but must have a valid passport. For the most up-to-date passport and visa info, British citizens visit Irish citizens visit

Health & Safety: You should take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance to cover you while you’re away. If you’re travelling to the EU and you apply for a card now, you'll get a new UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) instead of an EHIC. This entitles you to emergency medical treatment on the same terms as Spanish nationals. It won’t, however, cover you for medical repatriation, ongoing medical treatment or non-urgent treatment.  British citizens visit or Irish  citizens for full details on what it covers. An EHIC or GHIC is free of charge. For the latest health and safety information, British citizens visit, Irish citizens visit

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Canary Islands FAQs

The average cost of a meal in the Canary Islands is around €10-€15 per person.
Each Canary Island has its unique appeal. Tenerife is the most popular, known for its beaches and the Teide National Park. Lanzarote is famous for its volcanic landscapes, while Gran Canaria is loved for its sandy beaches and diverse nature.
While public transport is available, renting a car is the best way to explore the islands at your own pace, especially if you plan to visit more remote areas.
The Canary Islands enjoy a pleasant climate year-round, but the best times to visit are spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) when temperatures are comfortable, and crowds are fewer.
Yes, the Canary Islands are generally safe for travellers, but like anywhere, it is always important to stay vigilant and be aware of your surroundings.

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Canary Islands Facts

Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas
4 - 4 hours 30 minutes from Gatwick
All Emergency services 112

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