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Feb 2023 £422 £622
Mar 2023 £560 £703
Apr 2023 £633 £782
May 2023 £686 £836
Jun 2023 £687 £836
Jul 2023 £869 £1010
Aug 2023 £873 £1031
Sep 2023 £924 £1079
Oct 2023 £847 £1007
Nov 2023 £703 £864
Dec 2023 £703 £864
Jan 2024 £793 £1112
Feb 2024 £820 £1155

Cancun is one of the liveliest and most exciting destinations around. A once sleepy fishing village that is now a city of over 350,000, the place is bustling with activities for visitors of all ages. You can find near-perfect weather all year round, white sandy beaches, crystal-blue waters and plenty of places to do some partying all around the Mexican city.

Cancun Holiday Deals

Cancun is characterised by a tropical climate. This means that the climate changes very little all year round so you can experience fairly high temperatures any time you decide to visit the city. Another great characteristic of Cancun’s climate is the fact that the hotter summer months are often accompanied by more of a breeze at this time of year too - creating ideal temperatures for you to fully maximise your holiday.

Aside from the very popular beaches, swimming in the Caribbean Sea and the famous parties, there is plenty more for you to get involved within the Mexican city. Towards the top of your list has to be a visit to the world famous Chichen Itza. This architectural site was built by the Mayan people over 1000 years ago and was likely a key feature in the mythical great city itself - it is an awe-striking sight to behold! Snorkelling is also a fantastic activity to get involved with at Cancun due to a variety of shipwrecks, rare-breed turtles and tropical fish that are all easily accessible through the clear waters.

There are also some lesser-known things to do in this city. Take Selvatica as an example. This adventure park is home to some of the best zip lining experiences that the continent has to offer that has many people listing it as a must-do when visiting Cancun. Another is a visit to one of the city’s numerous Cenotes. These are underground caverns that are formed after limestone caves get eroded and leave a gaping hole in the earth. The hole often fills up with a pool that is a gorgeous aqua-colour. Cenotes are both experience-approved and Instagram-approved!