Half Board Holidays

Half Board Holidays mean that alongside your accommodation, you also get breakfast included as well as one other meal - usually dinner. This can be in a buffet-style setting if you are staying at a larger resort or a more a la carte version if you are staying in a smaller hotel. Because half-board holidays are relatively easy to provide for guests, you can find this holiday option pretty much anywhere in the world. Whether that is staying relatively local with a European destination of choice such as the Canary Islands or travelling to a completely different part of the world such as the Caribbean or Asia. One thing is for certain, you will find some affordable half-board options wherever you go.

You should certainly consider a half-board holiday if you want to strike a balance between flexibility on your holiday and not having to worry too much about what and where you are going to be eating each day. Having the comfort of knowing that you are waking up to a delicious breakfast, coming back for a tasty dinner but being able to leave the resort and explore for the time in between is an extremely attractive prospect for many people.

Cheaper Half Board Holidays

What’s more, half-board holidays are one of the best options in terms of affordability as well as flexibility. Not only are half-board holidays cheaper than full-board and all-inclusive but they take away the pressure of centring your holiday around your meal schedule. Quite often people find that when they travel to hot countries, their appetite dips a little bit so the last thing you want is to be eating when you aren’t hungry just to get your money’s worth. Sticking to breakfast and dinner and then having the freedom outside of that is certainly worth considering for any type of traveller!