Cheap Car Hire in Newcastle

It’s a great idea to hire a cheap car whether on vacation or staycation as it can be helpful knowing the full cost of your transport and getting around before you arrive as then you can get it paid and out of the way straight away. Not only that but it gives you complete freedom over where you go and when you go and allows you to explore everything that the entire region has to offer. Car rentals are perfect for those wanting to take charge of their holiday including families as it ensures comfort and minimal stress which you tend not to find on public transport. Finally, it means you don’t have to arrive at places for certain times and you don’t have to leave before certain times - your schedule on your trip away is entirely your own!

Places of Interest in Newcastle to Visit with a Car Hire

Newcastle is a magnificent, lively, historical city located in the North East of England. There is something for everyone in and around the city including solo travellers, families, couples and if you’re travelling with friends. One of the best places to visit in the city is Newcastle Quayside. Here you will take a leisurely stroll alongside the River Tyne and pass by and under all of the iconic bridges of the city. The Quayside is lined with quirky bars, pubs and restaurants and on Sundays, you will even find a traditional market here selling all sorts of local goods. Just a short trip outside of the city you will find the region’s incredible coastline, a perfect place to visit with your low cost rent-a-car. This is the ideal place for beach walks, fish and chips, warm hot chocolates in the winter and refreshing cool drinks in the summer. Paddle-boarding and surfing is also popular if you can brave the waters of the North Sea! The centre of Newcastle is perhaps on the top of most people’s to-do list and is where the city really comes to life. With an abundance and wide variety of bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, speakeasies and much more, you can enjoy your day or night here no matter what your taste in venue or music is.

Car Hire Tips in Newcastle

  • The best places to hire a car in Newcastle are either from the train station or from the airport.
  • The best way to get the best deal is to shop around in advance of your trip - try not to wait until the day to book it.
  • With a number of car hire companies competing for your custom, you can usually find an excellent deal.
  • Like most cities, the centre of Newcastle is navigable by foot. However, in order to maximise everything that the city and its region have to offer including places like the coast, we recommend hiring a car.
  • The very centre of the city is pedestrianised but you can find good amounts of parking just outside the centre and plenty in other parts of the city.