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Cancellation Holidays
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One of the best ways to save money when booking a holiday is to book a cancellation holiday, but what are cancellation holidays and where do you get them? There are different understandings of what a cancellation holiday is within the travel industry and the general public so here is our definition of a cancellation holiday.

Do Cancellation Holidays Exist?

A cancellation holiday is a term that was created by the general public which describes a "reduced" holiday cost. It was consumer perception that holidays which had been cancelled after originally being booked by another customer, and then put back on sale at a reduced cost. However, in reality, whilst some holidays were cancelled, they were not necessarily re-sold at a reduced price.

The consumer were really confusing these cancellation holidays with holidays that were not selling causing the tour operator to reduce the original price in order to sell the holiday and minimise any losses. In the 1980’s these types of holidays were called “Square Deals” or “Allocated on Arrival” deals. In the 1990’s to date, they are generally tagged as “Last Minute Holiday” or “Late Deals”.

It’s the demand of the holiday market what dictates the holiday prices, on whether the holidays firms reduces a price of a holiday. In fact, if the demand is so high, the holiday price could increase against the original cost.

So whilst cancellation holidays do exist, there is no guarantee that you will get the holiday at a cheaper price. Rather than looking for a “Cancellation Holiday”, the probability is that what you’re really looking for is a cheap holiday.

All Inclusive Cancellation Holidays

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