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Sharm el Sheikh holidays take you to the Sinai Peninsula to an area that is possibly the most popular on Egypt's Red Sea coast. Stretching for forty miles along the water's edge, this beach paradise attracts thousands of British visitors every week. If you want a guarantee of sunshine, and who doesn't, a cheap Sharm el Sheik holiday will fit the bill. Though summer temperatures can reach extraordinary heights, spring, autumn and winter offer glorious weather, ideal for those suffering from winter blues who need a little sunshine to brighten their days. Your break in the sun can be as relaxing or as active as you wish as the hotel complexes offer a variety of recreational activities and sporting opportunities. The area attracts scuba divers and snorkellers as there are some superb diving sites along the coral reef. The reef is very fertile and home to a huge diversity of marine life. Some of the beaches have a rocky shoreline and it is not possible to walk into the water. In such cases there are jetties giving access to deeper water, great for swimmers and snorkellers but not so good for families with young children. However, it is easy to find artificial beaches where children can paddle. Many of the larger hotels have fantastic pool complexes so the beach can be largely irrelevant. Some even have an artificial beach around the pool.

Sharm el Sheik, originally a small Bedouin village has developed into a purpose built resort designed with luxury in mind. The accommodation provides high levels of comfort with every modern amenity. Hotel complexes are well designed and beautifully landscaped with great pool facilities. When considering type of board, don't dimiss out of hand all inclusive holidays which may actually offer value for money. If travelling with ever hungry and thirsty children you'll find that constant snacking can make you go over budget. With all-inclusive, you've no need to worry as they simply help themselves and there is no extra cost to you. Restaurants serve a wide variety of cuisine and cater for all tastes. Do remember that water is unsafe to drink. Use bottled water only and be sure to check that the seal is unbroken. Although there are a number of lively venues, nightlife is generally a low key affair.

Cheap Sharm el Sheik holidays can be as active or as relaxed as you wish as there are plenty of activities to keep the more energetic holidaymaker entertained. Framed by the Sinai mountains and desert you can take a safari into the stunning desert landscape. Sunrise and sunsets over this landscape are spectacular and shouldn't be missed. Water sports abound with snorkelling and diving being hot favourites. Those who enjoy shopping will be happy with the provision of shops and market stalls which give plenty of opportunities for haggling over purchases.

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