Cheap Car Hire in The Cotswolds

Hiring a car in the Cotswolds is the best way to explore everything that this expansive, beautiful region has to offer. It provides a great amount of flexibility and convenience to your holiday as you are not having to stick to infrequent bus schedules or having to wait for an expensive taxi. Given how large the Cotswolds are, if you want to do some serious exploring these aren’t even really options. Car hire is also much cheaper compared to public transport and taxi fares which can really eat away at your holiday budget, especially if you are staying for an extended period of time.

Information on places to visit in Cotswolds with a hire car

The Cotswolds is one of the most picturesque regions in the whole of Britain and expands across six different counties. Rolling hills, lush green countryside, plenty of fresh air and keeping company with farm animals are all in order for your trip. One of the best places to start with on your visit to The Cotswolds is to walk (at least part of) The Cotswold Way. It is one of the most famous walks that stretches over 100 miles and enjoys frequent panoramic views of the stunning countryside. Notable spots along various parts of the path include Cleeve Common, Winchcombe, Stanton and Snowshill. If you end up visiting Lower Slaughter, you may stumble across “the most romantic street in Britain”. The street is Copse Hill Road and it runs adjacent to a pretty stream from the River Eye and is lined with lush green trees and beautiful stone cottages. The giant Warwick Castle also forms part of The Cotswolds and is a fantastic day out. It was built by William the Conqueror and is especially great for the kids during half term when they organise interactive fun for the whole family. One of our favourite walks in the entire Cotswolds is the 6.5 mile Cleeve Hill & Common Walk. It features a stunning vantage point overlooking the Malverns and you can even see as far as Wales on a clear day!

Car Hire Tips in Cotswolds

  • Booking in advance is always the best way to find the cheapest vehicle hire deal. We recommend booking online rather than waiting to arrive at the car hire desk.
  • The Cotswolds stretch across a massive six counties and features many lengthy walks and trails. A hire car is perfect for seeing as much as the Cotswolds as possible as well as for getting back to your hotel comfortably after a full day out!
  • The best place to hire a car all depends on which part of the Cotswolds you are visiting and how far you plan on travelling. The best choice for car hire can always be found in any of the larger towns or cities that encompass the Cotswolds.
  • Many of the country roads are narrow and can be very dark at night, so be sure to bring a confident driver!
  • Make sure to check the car’s condition and report any visible damages in order to avoid being charged unnecessarily.