European Holiday Destinations

Europe is a continent of endless holiday possibilities. Whatever the time of year, season or type of holiday that you are looking for, it is more than possible to find the right deal to meet your desires. From sun and beach holidays in Spain and the Mediterranean, to city breaks in Europe, simply search our site to see what is available.

European Holidays in Spring

Spring marks the beginning of the beach holiday season across Europe. With temperatures beginning to rise, particularly in southern Europe, resorts in areas like the Canary Islands and Greece begin to see a growth in tourists. Although the peak temperatures of the summer months are not quite reached, an average of around 18c is common between March and April. Gran Canaria has inevitably become a spring favourite amongst holidaymakers, as temperatures can reach around 24c, and with a fairly modest flight time of 4hours 30mins, going there can make the UK winter weather feel like a distant memory, without a great deal of travelling required. Spring can also be a great time for couple’s holidays, as the large crowds of families don’t arrive until later in the year, ensuring a more subdued and romantic atmosphere.

Summer Holidays in Europe

Beginning in June, the peak summer temperatures across Europe begin to be felt. The school summer holidays in August attract a large numbers of families to popular holiday resorts in the Balearics, mainland Spain and Turkey, where some of the top beach resorts available throughout Europe can be found. High temperatures are never too difficult to come across in the months between June and September; the main problem is finding a location that is not completely jam-packed. For some, the large crowds can help to generate a bustling atmosphere that can make a holiday, for others, the crowds can be overwhelming, which is why countries with growing reputations and popularity such as Croatia, Morocco and Bulgaria can be great alternatives, as they have much to offer but with a more laid-back atmosphere.

Europe Holidays during Autumn

With the peak tourism of summer behind, autumn can be a great season to get away, as the sunshine can still readily be captured across southern Europe. Malta is a popular autumn holiday, as the sun shines strong throughout the season, but without extreme conditions forcing you to stay by the pool. As the large crowds begin to dwindle, it is easier to get a truer sense of the local’s way of life, helping to generate a more immersive and authentic holiday than times earlier in the year. Similar climates to Malta can be felt in Croatia, Italy and Cyprus. Southern Spain is also more than pleasant at this time of year, with Seville one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, offering temperatures in the high 20s. This kind of weather is perfect for exploring the historically significant sites of your respected holiday destinations.

Winter European Holidays

To fully rid yourself of the cold at winter time, you may have to fly a bit further a-field. The Canary Islands has always been a natural escape for sun-seekers in Europe, as it as geographically much closer to Africa than it is to Spain, with Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria all offering their own unique characteristics and experiences. Whether you want an action packed holiday of physically demanding activities, or simply a sun-bathe by the pool, the islands can simply spoil travelers to give the illusion of a non-existent winter. To fully embrace the winter climate however, continental Europe and Scandinavia are your best bet. Renowned Christmas markets in Germany, particularly Berlin and Munich along with Krakow in Poland, and luxury skiing holidays in Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, allow you to realize that the cold climate is all about what you make of it, and that plenty of fun and enjoyment can be found at any time of the year.

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