Full Board Holidays

Full-Board Holidays are the step down from all-inclusive meaning that breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the holiday price but drinks or snacks outside of those meals will cost you a bit extra. Excellent full-board holidays can be found all across the globe and are usually available as an option in most hotels that offer some degree of catering for their guests. That includes short-haul holidays to places like Spain, Portugal and Greece as well as further afield locations such as the Caribbean and Mexico.

Go Over-board On Full Board

Full-Board Holidays offer just a bit more of a degree of freedom than all-inclusive options and that is why they are becoming increasingly popular. You still get all of your staple meals but without free snacks and drinks all day too, you don’t tend to go overboard with your consumption and feel compelled to stay at the resort at all hours trying to get your money’s worth. It offers a sort of ‘best of both’ scenario.

This type of holiday is especially popular with families travelling with smaller children who are just looking for a relaxing getaway. There is no issue of cooking, full-board holidays are usually found in resorts with great on-site facilities for kids such as swimming pools and play areas, meaning the adults can kick back and relax. It is the ideal situation!