Cheap Car Hire at Heathrow

It is always a great idea to hire a cheap car when visiting a new place as it gives you the freedom to explore more parts of the area while simultaneously escaping the hustle and bustle of busy tourist spots. Not only that but it gives you the opportunity to discover hidden gems that are much more off the beaten track and unknown or inaccessible to the average tourist, making your holiday that bit more exciting! Finally, having your own rental vehicle provides a much more relaxing experience as you don’t have to worry about paying for an overpriced taxi fare, getting on the wrong bus or not being able to get to where you want to go by any reasonable means.

Places of Interest in Heathrow to Visit with a Car Hire

Most, if not all, of Heathrow is centred around its world famous, international airport. It is one of the busiest international airports in the world with 75 million passengers passing through its gates in 2015. With almost any destination reachable from this part of the UK - from New York, to Tokyo, to Sydney, to Abu Dhabi and beyond - it is no surprise that people from all over the world flock to this very specific part of the UK. But outside of the airport, what is there to do in the surrounding area? There are actually some great things if you have some time to explore the region around the airport. With a low cost rent-a-car, if you drive just down the road you will find the Royal Standard of England, also known as England’s oldest pub at around 800 years old. Slightly closer to the airport you will find a few great pubs in Denham. Another great thing to do near Heathrow is to visit the incredible and world-renowned Windsor Castle as well as Eton. Windsor Castle is linked to Heathrow by the 71 or 77 bus from Terminal 5 (±45 minutes by bus or 20 minutes by minicab). It is one of the most famous castles in England and was founded by William the Conqueror. Most recently it was on the global radar after being the wedding venue for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018.


Car Hire Tips at/Near Heathrow

  • The area around Heathrow stretches far and wide and if you do want to explore places that aren’t the airport itself, then car hire is essential.
  • Given the size and stature of Heathrow airport, you will find no shortage of car hire companies to scout out the best deal from.
  • As always though, we recommend booking your car hire in advance in order to get the very best deal.
  • The car hire system is very straightforward in Heathrow and the airport has unmatched connections to the whole surrounding area so you will be out and exploring in no time.