Where to Holiday in July

If you are looking for a guarantee of summer sun fairly near home, you have a wide choice of destination as virtually the whole of Europe is bathed in sunshine in July. By this time of year the water temperature has risen to comfortable levels and the air temperature is generally around thirty. If you are looking for a family beach holiday, you'll need a sandy beach gently washed by shallow seas, a relaxed environment and a range of recreational facilities. Wherever you choose, be it Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy or Portugal you'll find resorts that fulfil your requirements. Young adults looking for active days and party nights will also find what they are looking for as the number and the variety of resorts caters for all. Those who enjoy really hot weather should travel to the southern islands of Greece, southern Spain, Cyprus and the Turkish Riviera as they all see the mercury soaring into the thirties.

Compare Holiday Deals in July

July is a popular month for cruises especially in the Mediterranean. It is a relaxing and informative way to visit interesting cities. River cruises are another alternative with the Rhine being one of the top choices. Cruise the fiords of Norway for truly stunning scenery.

Looking further afield, July is one of the best months for taking a safari holiday in Kenya. It is the dry season with temperatures in the mid-twenties and it is the time of the great migration. Millions of animals, running short of water, are on the move and it is one of the most spectacular sights in nature. It is best and safest to take a guided trip as you will be taken to the best viewing points and you should come back in one piece.

Turning now to the east. For many countries it is low season because of the monsoons. If you don't mind humid weather, you can pick up some great bargains. Borneo and Malaysia remain dry with temperatures in the thirties. The Maldives with its exotic reputation is a popular honeymoon destination. Fantastic sandy beaches, swaying palms, clear warm ocean, delicious cuisine and temperatures at thirty, what more could you ask. Mauritius is slightly cooler but nevertheless is great for relaxing on idyllic beaches.

A long haul holiday to the west takes you to the Americas and the Caribbean. Be aware that July is the beginning of the hurricane season so although you can easily find low cost holidays, they may be marred by storms. If you want a Caribbean holiday in July, try Tobago which lies just outside the hurricane belt. It is a beautiful island with stunning beaches. Its coral reef is a great attraction for divers.

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