Local Departure Holidays

With almost thirty airports, large and small, scattered around the country, travelling to your departure point is rarely a difficult journey involving coach or rail. At Cheekytrip you can find the destinations that are available from your local airport and then find the best price for your trip from our holiday price comparison site.

Scotland has four airports, Glasgow and Prestwick, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Together they offer a very wide range of flights including those to transatlantic destinations.

Northern Ireland has two Belfast Airports and one in Derry. Belfast international offers flights to Europe, the Canary Islands and North Africa; Derry has limited flights to Europe but connects you to Liverpool, Glasgow, Stansted and Birmingham, giving customers a much greater variety of holiday choices.

Every region of England has an airport, some with a fairly limited choice of direct destinations. Where this is the case, there are generally flights connecting you to airports where your choice becomes almost unlimited. If you are looking for low cost holidays, use our site to discover which holiday destinations you can travel to from your local airport.

For more information, click on our individual airport links for details including location, ways of travelling to the airport, parking and terminal facilities, airlines and destinations. These days everyone is looking for a bargain and searching the web for the best priced holiday can be time-consuming. At Cheekytrip holiday price comparison site our aim is to find you the holiday of your choice that offers the best value for money. Our site takes the hassle out of the process of finding the best deal. All you have to do is enter your departure point, destination and dates into our search engine and in no time at all, we'll show you the lowest price holiday to your chosen destination on that particular day. It couldn't be simpler.