Self Catering Holidays

Self Catering holidays are perfect for the explorer within you. Without the constraints of package deals, which can sometimes hold a grip over you while you’re away, you have more of a freedom to get out and explore the surrounding areas of your holiday destination. By booking self catering, you can experience the local delicacies, the history and culture of your chosen destination, seeing the world in a truer and more extensive way. Self Catering options can also be great for families, as those with fussy-eating children will have an abundance of choices, which would’ve been a more limited menu, had it been an all-inclusive holiday.

Self Catering Holiday Deals

Popular self catering holidays are not necessarily restricted to specific destinations, but it would be a wise decision to make sure your hotel is in a fairly built up area and that other food and drink options available for you and your fellow travellers. A lot of self catering apartments come with built in kitchens, so you have the option of cooking your own food with local supermarket products, which is generally a much cheaper option, saving you your money to spend on other exciting holiday activities. Local towns and villages near to your hotel should cater to all your food desires, from local delis, bakeries and supermarkets to cafes and restaurants.

The Balearics are popular for self catering holidays, as the array of options available, whether you want to hit the beaches of Ibiza, or head to the towns of Tenerife, try the fresh seafood at the renowned restaurants of Majorca, or have a go cooking your own, the islands cover and cater for a wide range of options and types of holidaymakers. The same can be said for the Canary Islands and The Algarve in Portugal, where past research has shown it to be one of the cheapest self catering destinations in Europe. As long you are confident in sticking to a budget, or you simply just don’t set one, self catering is one of best ways to take your holiday.