Where to Holiday in January

As the days become shorter in late autumn and we look forward to the twinkling lights and the bonhomie of Christmas celebrations, we don't really notice the absence of sun. However once the festivities are over, the reality of winter, and the weeks of miserable weather to be endured before the advent of spring, really does hit home. The best antidote for those suffering from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, is to book a cheap holiday in the sun. Even if you don't have an excuse, and who needs one anyway, a winter break is always welcome. So, for those seeking clear blue skies where there is real heat in the sun, we can point you in the right direction and once you have decided on a destination, the Cheekytrip holiday price comparison site will find you the cheapest sun holidays.

Somewhere Hot in January

Where you go depends on whether or not you are willing to take a long haul flight. There is a wide choice of sun holidays for those who are, but equally you can find pleasantly warm temperatures much closer to home. Take the Canary Islands, at a little over four hours of flight time, you can enjoy daytime temperatures of twenty degrees, almost seventy fahrenheit. With a heated pool, at those temperatures you can still enjoy a daily swim. Madeira is another island with a year round visitors. Again temperatures reach the mid-sixties early in the year.

Tunisia and Morocco have long hours of sunshine but temperatures only climb into the high teens, perfect for those on a sightseeing trip but not perhaps for those wishing to laze on a beach. Egypt offers a much milder winter climate with Sharm-el -Sheikh rising into the twenties. Dubai has similar temperatures. With Egypt and Dubai holidays your flight time lies somewhere between short and long haul.

Once you are prepared to lengthen your journey, your holiday choices are greatly increased as you can take a trip to the sun in all continents with the exception of Europe. January is a great time for a safari to Kenya or to South Africa. Gambia is another favourite destination offering great bargains. The Cape Verde Islands take only six hours to reach and offer a wonderful relaxed atmosphere as well as a guarantee of sun with temperatures in the seventies. Travel east to Thailand or Sri Lanka or west to the Caribbean, Mexico, southern Florida or South America all of which will guarantee sunshine. Decide on a destination, then check out our Cheekytrip holiday price comparison site to find the winter break that gives you the best value for money.

Alternative Holidays in January

January holidays needn't be all about searching for pleasantly warm days. It is a good month to regain fitness after the excesses of Christmas. A skiing trip may fit the bill and we can show you a wide choice of holidays both in Europe and the US and Canada. Early in the year is also a good time for taking a city break. Shopping trips to New York are particularly popular at this time as goods are hugely discounted in the sales. Whatever kind of winter break you decide to take, check our site where you'll find hundreds of holiday bargains.