Low Deposit Holidays

Low deposit holidays are becoming increasingly popular in the travel market as competitors fight for your custom. This is great news for us travellers, as it means that now there are plenty of holidays to choose from where we don’t need to fork out so much money initially - which in the past has been a big obstacle for people wanting to travel abroad. Many of the low deposit holiday package deals lie in Europe. In particular, Spain, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are some of the best destinations that have very low deposits upon booking.

Book Now Pay Later

These types of holidays are ideal for people who can’t afford to put down large sums of money before the holiday because they have bills to pay or other financial commitments that means at certain times of the year at least, money can be a bit tight. That is where low deposit holidays step in. For just a fraction of the deposit of other holiday types, you can set the wheel in motion more easily and pay the bigger sum closer to the time. It’s a win-win.

A nice bonus with low deposit holidays too is that they are usually part of a cheaper package deal. A low deposit at the beginning doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a significantly larger sum to pay further down the line, allowing you to book now for a minimal amount and pay the majority later. What is quite often the case, a low deposit also comes with a relatively low overall price tag. This is excellent news for any type of traveller who is looking for a great deal to some exotic destinations.