Where to Holiday in August

August is the busiest holiday month of the year with airlines, hotels and apartments at full capacity. The most popular destinations are found in Europe where the temperatures in the south soar into the thirties and the water is comfortably warm. If it's heat you want, you'll be spoilt for choice. Whatever your age and your interests you'll find suitable resorts as far west as Portugal and as far east as Turkey and Cyprus. The many Greek islands, each with their own distinctive charm, guarantee long hours of cloudless skies and sizzling temperatures.

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If you find August a little too hot, the Canary Islands may be a good choice as temperatures hover near thirty and there is usually a slight breeze. If even these temperatures are too much, why not visit Scandinavia, the Baltic States or Iceland where you'll find stunning scenery. The volcanos, the hot springs and waterfalls, the geysers and glaciers of Iceland combine to give you an unforgettable holiday experience. If you are lucky, you may see the northern lights. Cruise the Norwegian Fjords for vistas to remember.

August, along with July, is the best time to take a Kenya safari holiday. The amazing spectacle of the migration of millions of animals all moving together in search of watering holes, is a sight you will never forget. A guided safari is always recommended as you will be taken to the best viewing points as well as the safest. Danger comes, not only from the wild animals, but from poachers.

If you travel to Asia in August remember that much of it is in the middle of the monsoon period. If you find high humidity oppressive then those countries should be avoided. Borneo in Malaysia is fairly hot and dry. Those with an interest in primates can visit the orangutang sanctuary in the north of Borneo. The Maldives with its sandy beaches, swaying palms, clear warm ocean, delicious cuisine and temperatures at thirty, is a very popular honeymoon destination. Mauritius is slightly cooler but nevertheless is great for relaxing on idyllic beaches and bathing in warm clear water.

Travel west to the Americas and the Caribbean. Be aware that August is in the middle of the hurricane season so although you have low season prices, your holiday can be interrupted by tropical storms. If you want a Caribbean holiday in August, book a break to Tobago which lies just outside the hurricane belt. It is a beautiful island with stunning beaches. Its coral reef is a great attraction for divers. Florida, the Disney capital of the world is very popular with British tourists. If you travel late in August it is less crowded as the American schools will have reopened after their long summer break. Humidity is high at this time and you'll find there are heavy showers on most days. However, this does not deter many visitors as, with high temperatures, when the rain stops the water is quickly dried by the sun.

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