Cheap Car Hire in the UK

One of the best reasons for hiring a car is that it can actually save you money on your trip, this is because you have to take into account the fuel costs of driving your own car to your destination, parking costs, car insurance (if you are travelling from another country), so it just makes sense to rent a car at your chosen destination to save you the hassle. As the UK offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the world it is no surprise that an incredible number of tourists visit each year. What better way to visit the rural countryside and the bustling urban areas than by hiring a car and exploring at your own pace? Not only that but since the UK is known for its unpredictable weather, a car gives you the flexibility to change plans if the weather becomes an inconvenience.

Car Hire Places of Interest in the UK

One of the most popular attractions in the UK is Stonehenge, it can be found 10 miles north of Salisbury and you will need to buy a timed ticket in advance in order to guarantee entry as the site is always in demand. As well as that, why not visit the Tower of London, this World Heritage Site was built in 1078 and is the home to some fascinating exhibits such as Line of Kings and the Crown Jewels making this a fantastic way to explore the history of the area. Finally, the Lake District National Park is a must-see for anyone visiting England, you will find 12 of the country’s largest lakes and hundreds of miles of trails to be explored. Not only that but the quaint towns and villages are the perfect place to stop and try some classic British dishes! One of the best driving routes in the UK is from Alnmouth to Lindisfarne, here you will follow the shoreline witnessing impressive views of the North Sea before arriving at Lindisfarne where you can visit Holy Island and Lindisfarne Castle. However, it is important to note that the causeway leading to Holy Island is not accessible at all times due to tidal shifts. Finally, another popular driving route is Snake Pass in the Peak District, this trail will take you across the Pennines on a pretty bendy route (as the name suggests), one of the best times to visit has to be in late summer as the heather blooms cover the hills in an incredible purple colour!

Car Hire Tips in the UK

  • It is important to remember that some roads and routes can take you down pretty narrow roads, especially in Rural areas such as the Lake District, so make sure to drive with caution and be prepared to pull over in certain areas if a car approaches from the opposite direction.
  • Try to avoid rush hour times if possible in order to limit how long you spend in traffic jams, these times tend to be between 7-9am and 4-6pm when commuters and students are on their way to and from work/school.
  • You will be able to find a selection of car rental available at the airport ready to set you up for your trip, however, it is always best to look online first in order to compare deals and select a package which suits you.
  • Always make sure to fully check the car for any damage or defects before driving off because if it is not already listed on the paperwork and is found after you have hired the car you will be hit with unwanted damage charges.
  • It is a good idea to rent a GPS or take one with you (or even just have one set up on your phone) as it will be very handy when following some routes through rural areas where signs and speed limits are not as obvious.