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Aruba holidays take you to an island in the southern Caribbean Sea, just eighteen miles north of the Venezuelan coast. A former Dutch colony, it is a tiny island only twenty miles long and six miles wide. A fairly flat island, it has a tropical semi-arid climate with an annual rainfall of less than twenty inches. With average temperature of around thirty throughout the year, and with stunning beaches, it is easy to see why it is so popular. In the summer months when the mercury rises to the mid thirties, the constant winds have a pleasant tempering effect on the heat. The centres of population are found on the southern and western coasts. The seas in the east and north can be very heavy and those areas are largely uninhabited.

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The relaxed atmosphere of holidays in Aruba is apparent the moment you leave the plane at Queen Beatrix International Airport at Oranjestad. Within a very short time indeed, you'll be chilling out in your chosen resort. All the resorts have beautiful beaches of soft sand, and clear, warm water for bathing and for water sports. The clarity of the water and the fertility of marine life make it a haven for snorkelling and scuba diving. There are many fascinating wrecks around the coast. The most popular one is the Antillo shipwreck that lies only six hundred yards from Malmok beach. It was a newly built German freighter which was scuttled by its captain in 1940. It had become known that Germany had invaded Holland and he didn't want his vessel to fall into Dutch hands. Places of interest are few. They include the Alto Vista Chapel, contructed in 1750 and rebuilt in 1953; the Caves of Aruba where you can see wall art from early settlers; the Aukok National Park which covers almost one fifth of the island's area.

Unlike many of the Caribbean Islands, the standard of living on Aruba is high and unemployment is low. Since three quarters of the GNP comes from tourism, it is no surprise that hospitality is so highly rated. Standards of both accommodation and service are very high. The island is certainly multicultural and evidence of this is seen in its cuisine. As you'd expect on a small island, fish features prominently on menus. Many of the island's tourists are from the USA and restaurants cater for that market and you'll find a variety of fast food outlets. Shops and markets provide opportunities for gift and souvenir buying. Generally speaking, nightlife is low key. Holidays to Aruba are perfect for relaxation by both day and night.

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