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It is no surprise that low cost Thailand holidays are in great demand. The allure of the country with its exotic reputation is hard to resist, and with so much to offer it appeals to all, from couples, to families and young adults. Located in south east Asia, Thailand is a country with exciting cities, superb beaches and islands, mountains and forests. Whether you wish to trek through forests, ride on elephants, visit Buddist shrines, explore the cities, or simply relax on stunning beaches, there'll be a cheap Thailand holiday for you. With a tropical monsoon climate, the cities can become very humid during the months between June and October. Many visitors choose a winter break when the temperature hovvers around thirty.

Low Cost Thailand Holidays

Many visitors choose a two centre holiday so that they can experience the vibrancy of the likes of Bangkok, the capital, as well as the delights of the beach resorts. Bangkok has a worldwide reputation as the place to party. While it certainly has a seedy side, it is one that is easy to avoid. There are plenty of clubs and discos where you can dance the night away. The coastal resorts may not be quite so lively but there is certainly no shortage of evening entertainment. When it comes to shopping, wherever you are in Thailand, be it city or resort, there'll be ample opportunity to indulge in a little retail therapy. Shops and markets abound and the variety of goods is quite extraordinary. Silks are a great buy as are fake designer goods.

Thailand is renowned for the welcome that it gives to visitors and this is reflected in the high standards of accommodotion and the attentive service. When it comes to cuisine, you are in for a treat. The fusion of influences from Indian, China and Malaysia, produces aromatic dishes like no other. This great blend of spices and herbs appeal to many. If you have a more conservative palate, there are plenty of establishments serving western foods. Eating out can be very cheap as apart from restaurants, good food is also sold on the street.

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