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Caribbean holidays conjure up thoughts of palm-fringed beaches and idyllic desert islands and they wouldn't be far wrong. While all the islands have superb beaches and glorious sunshine, each has their own identity and particular characteristics often related to their colonial past. The temperature varies little throughout the year and you are guaranteed long hours of sunshine if you avoid the hurricane season which begins in July and ends in October. The Caribbean lies off the coast of Central America and consist of several hundred large and small islands, often topologically very different and therefore offering many different holiday experiences. They can be mountainous with a rugged landscape of fast flowing rivers and waterfalls or be rain forested or have gently rolling hills and fertile plains. What they do have in common is beaches of the softest sun-bleached sand framed by swaying palms and gently lapped by sparkling crystal waters. In the main, it is the islands' paradisiacal shores that bring visitors flocking across the Atlantic.

Caribbean holidays have wide appeal as they tick so many boxes. Families, couples, young adults, wedding parties can all find their little bit of paradise. The architecture, the food and even the languages differ between islands depending on their history. Whichever island you choose be it Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St Lucia, to name but a few, you'll find high standards of accommodation and warm and friendly service. Cuisine can be a mixture of African, Indian, European and Chinese. Rice is the staple food and many of the dishes are fairly spicy. The variety of fruit and vegetables is extensive.

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Cheap Caribbean holidays can be as relaxed or as active as you wish. There is always an abundance of water sports and the coral reefs around some of the islands are very popular with scuba divers and snorkellers as there is an abundance of marine life. Another attraction for divers is the old shipwrecks. Many a galleon was sunk in these dangerous waters. Apart from water sports, there are many land-based recreational facilities, tourist attractions and the sightseeing opportunities are immense. Many of the islands have superb golf courses which are very popular with aficionados of the sport who are also looking for some winter sun.

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