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Oct 2022£81£526
Nov 2022£49£526
Dec 2022£49£531
Jan 2023£100£528
Feb 2023£107£538
Mar 2023£106£537
Apr 2023£129£557
May 2023£168£640
Jun 2023£229£718
Jul 2023£319-
Aug 2023£320-
Sep 2023£526-

Vilamoura is a resort town situated in the south of Portugal and is one of the finest places that the famous Algarve has to offer. As well as luscious sandy beaches and plenty of sunshine, you can also find some of the finest golf courses in the world alongside a tourism industry that is currently booming. What truly sets Vilamoura apart from its rivals is its taste for luxury, especially down at the town’s marina where million dollar yachts aren’t an uncommon sight.

Vilamoura Holiday Deals

The town is famous for its gorgeous Mediterranean climate making it one of the warmest places in Europe all year round. It also often receives upward of 12 hours of sunshine per day during the summer months and significantly more than the rest of Europe during winter. No matter what time of year you decide to visit, you can be sure that the sun will not be far behind you!

Apart from the sun, sand and sea, there is still plenty to explore and do in and around Vilamoura. For example, a visit to Cerro da Vila will take you through some Roman archaeological sites and are a must for anyone with an interest in history! In and around the resort there is the opportunity to do some diving in the crystal blue waters and spot some dolphins that are known to swim around the area. Come the night time, the fun doesn’t stop. You can find some incredible nightlife in Vilamoura: bars, clubs and even champagne cruises if you want to go all out!