5-Star Luxury Holidays

5-Star Holidays
5-Star Luxury Holiday Deals
From £158 per person

Welcome to Cheekytrip 5-Star Holidays. We know you are looking for the very highest quality accommodation in all of the best destinations that the world has to offer. What we also know however, is that you may be surprised at just how affordable these top-class holidays can be. So let us cut right to the chase and dive deep into the land of luxury.

Affordable Luxury Holidays

As always we begin in our favourite sunshine holidays, but perhaps not in the place that you expect. We start in the Garden of Eden, not the Biblical setting but a place that is not far off in terms of its luxuries and idyllic environment. This simply stunning destination in Bourgas, Bulgaria offers incredible seafront views of the Black Sea, a private pool area and is situated within an area of incredible natural beauty. The facilities are top of the range and the hotel without doubt lives up to its name.

In what is now THE place to be seen, Marrakech offers a vast variety of 5-Star hotels to cater to your every need in one of the greatest city breaks that the world has to offer. Whether you select the Pavillon Du Golf, accommodation just a stone-throw away from the famous Casablanca, or Hotel Murano Resort, a series of deluxe villas with kitchens that serve authentic Moroccan food, you are sure to be in the best hands.

Be sure to also check out 5-Star holidays in gorgeous locations such as Turkey, Crete, Portugal to name just a few.

For information about each holiday, simply click the links at the side of the page to learn more about the destination, the price, the holiday and a contact number for any other queries you may have. Cheekytrip makes it incredibly easy to compare and book your 5-Star holidays, making sure that your next 5-Star holidays is... well, perfect. So what are you waiting for? Get planning your next getaway!

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