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Tobago is the smaller of two islands in the southern Caribbean that make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is one of the most southerly of the Caribbean Islands and as it lies just outside the hurricane belt, damaging storms are rare. At only twenty four miles long and six miles wide, this hilly and verdant isle has much to offer. The climate is tropical with a wet and dry season, the former between July and November and the latter between December and June. The temperature remains fairly constant around thirty degrees. If you are looking for an escape from the dark days of winter a low cost Tobago holiday may be just the ticket. The cheapest deals are found out of season so if high humidity isn't a problem, the summer months would be a good choice.

Low Cost Holidays to Tobago

Tobago is everyman's image of a castaway's island with pristine beaches, swaying palms and dense forested hills. If you want a relaxing holiday, this is the place to be. When you step down from your plane in the grandly named Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson Airport, the passage of time appears to change. Life here is lived in the slow lane, so just lie back, relax and enjoy. Tobago holidays appeal to a wide variety of people and not only to couch potatoes. The reefs around the coast are a haven for marine life, and are a rewarding experience for divers. Take a trek into the rainforest and see the waterfalls, or to the mangrove swamps; go biking around the island to visit the small fishing villages; visit the capital Scarborough, to the ruined fort built in the late eighteenth century. This small island has plenty to offer.

A variety of accommodation awaits you and all offer high standards of comfort and service. Check the cost of the all inclusive holidays as they often provide good value, especially when travelling with families. Traditional cuisine reflects influences from the Africa, India, China and Europe. The fusion of tastes is delicious. Fish, as you'd expect on an island, is a dominant feature of menus. Nightlife is generally a relaxed affair.

If you are looking for a guarantee of sunshine, choose a tropical island with stunning beaches, superb hotels and restaurants, a Tobago holiday will fit the bill. Long haul destinations can never really be described as cheap, as you can easily find a sunny break in Europe that is cheaper. However, if you want a touch of the exotic, Cheekytrip will be able to find you a good deal. As a price comparison site we have a surprising number of good offers. All it takes is one simple search. Enter your destination, your point of departure and your dates and within a matter of seconds we'll show you the Tobago holiday that costs the least. Make your choice and then call and book. Since offers change on a daily basis, you need to act swiftly to avoid disappointment.

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