Where to Holiday in June

With summer upon us, June is a lovely month. The summer stretches ahead putting everyone in a holiday mood and the good thing is that because the children are still in school, prices have not reached their peak and there are great bargains to be found. Discounted holidays are found not only in Europe but worldwide. As with cost, temperatures have not reached their peak so June is a good time for walking or cycling tours, and also for sightseeing, shopping or golfing trips.

Compare Holiday Deals in June

Although you can holiday virtually anywhere in the world in June, it really is the very best time for visiting northern Scandinavia and Iceland. The land of the midnight sun (sun set is after midnight on the longest day and sun rise is before 3AM) beckons, with its fantastic landscapes and stunning vistas. Temperatures average fourteen degrees in the sunshine. The volcanos, the hot springs and waterfalls, the geysers and glaciers of Iceland combine to give you an unforgettable holiday. If you are lucky, you may see the northern lights.

Whatever your destination, those who take a June holiday benefit from less crowded resorts and facilities as hotels are very rarely at full capacity during this month. The Balearic Islands are particularly pleasant at this time with temperatures lying in the mid-twenties, hot enough for the beach but not energy sapping so can enjoy recreational activities and sightseeing. The same is true of the Greek Islands, Turkey and indeed most of the southern Mediterranean. If you are not a hothouse plant and prefer a more temperate climate a European holiday in June would be ideal.

Further afield, there are many low cost holidays in the Caribbean, the United States, Mexico and in South America, as the peak holiday season is not yet in full swing. June is getting close to the hurricane season in the Caribbean so although the weather is hot, it can also be humid. Temperatures rise into the thirties and the seas are warm. Travel east to the Indian Subcontinent and you are assured of hot weather but be aware that this is the rainy season and there is high humidity.

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