Cheap Car Hire in Portugal

Car hire is without a doubt the best way to enjoy complete freedom on your holiday and to be able to maximise your stay wherever you go. Having your own car provides great convenience since you can travel on your own schedule rather than that of a bus or tour operator. It is also very affordable compared to other methods of travel such as getting taxis to and from the sights and places you want to visit. Because of the popularity of the tourism industry in Portugal, the car hire network up and down the country is excellent. There are a wide variety of car hire companies to choose from and because of this large selection, the prices can be very competitive, which is great news for holidaymakers. Car hire provides maximum flexibility for your holiday and no matter where you choose to visit in Portugal, you can be sure that hiring a car is your best move. Whether you are looking for a flashy sports car, a practical SUV or a cheap run-around for going to the local shops and back, all options are available and worth having a look at.

Car Hire Places of Interest in Portugal

Portugal is an incredibly vast and diverse country with plenty to do and see. Its two most famous cities include Porto and Lisbon, each with their own unique history, attractions and culture. The capital of Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world and combines fascinating historical sites with a trendy and modern nightlife. Porto is a port-city that overlooks the Douro River and is famous for its wine, medieval streets and all-round charm. Car hire is very handy for both of these cities to see all of the sights and each city has large car-hire hubs at the main airports and train stations. If you want to see both cities, the drive between the two is just over three hours long. As well as Portugal’s great cities, there are, of course, a vast number of incredible beach resorts to choose from. The Algarve and Madeira are two hotspots that are popular with UK tourists. The fastest and most convenient ways to reach them from the airport is via your own car and if you do fancy sampling a few of the different beaches and resorts that Portugal has to offer, your own car will also be a great help. Fabulous sunshine, warm seas, sandy beaches and a peaceful atmosphere is what you are getting along any stretch of Portugal’s coast, so what are you waiting for?

Car Hire Tips in Portugal

  • Although not as big as neighbouring Spain, Portugal is still a vast country that will require some form of transport to get around. Whether that be simply from the airport or for exploring other resorts, towns and cities.
  • Car hire is available in most parts of Portugal and is available and all of its major airports. With everything booked in advance, you can simply hop off the plane and drive straight off into paradise.
  • There are a wide range of car hire companies available in Portugal, some of which include Amoita, Luzcars, Europcar, Hertz, Alamo and many others.
  • Hiring a car gives you complete access to the whole of Portugal or at least the entire region where you are staying, so you don’t feel confined to your local resort.

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