Cheap Car Hire in Edinburgh

Hiring a cheap car is one of the best ways to save you a lot of time on your holiday as you won’t have to find and stick to the strict public transport schedules or shuttle buses from your resort. It also means that you can greatly save on the costs of taxi fares to and from places which really add up over the course of your holiday. Not only that but it is a great way to truly get out and about in the region and explore the area like a local. Finally, a great advantage of a low cost vehicle rental means you can stay in accommodation that is further from the centre meaning you can dip in and out of the main parts when you need to but also retreat to quieter areas in the evenings.

Places of Interest in Edinburgh to Visit with a Car Hire

The capital of Scotland is packed full of excitement, charm, history and wonder. The centerpiece of Edinburgh is definitely the magnificent Edinburgh Castle. You can walk up the hill that it sits on and enjoy spectacular views of the city and beyond. You have to pay to get inside but we highly recommend it as a daytime activity. The streets below the castle are also lined with charming shops, cafes, bars and pubs. If you are a bit more of the adventurous type, take the time to tackle the famous Arthur’s Seat. This ancient volcano sits 251m above sea level and offers 360-degree views of Edinburgh and the Lothians. The paths that have been created make it accessible for all. Another worthy mention is the UNESCO World Heritage Site that sits at the top of Calton Hill. Here you will find a selection of mega monuments, including the National Monument which is inspired by the Parthenon in Athens. Take a trip up here for either sunrise or sunset for the best experience. Last but not least on our short recommendation list is the scary and spooky Edinburgh Dungeons. The dungeons contain live actors, special effects and underground rides where you will learn all about some of the more gruesome sides of Edinburgh’s history.

Car Hire Tips in Edinburgh

  • Being the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is extremely well-connected to other cities and other parts of the region.
  • Although the centre of Edinburgh is navigable by foot, the city and all of its attractions are stretched out over a large area where a car would come in handy.
  • It is best to book well in advance to bag the best car hire deal.
  • There are a number of car hire companies in the vicinity so you can usually find some very competitive prices.
  • The best places to hire a car are either from the city’s airport or from its train station.