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Slovakia is a beautiful country that provides a wide range of things to do, see and enjoy no matter the sort of holiday that you are looking for. With spectacular mountains, endless vineyards, local breweries, a cheap cost of living and an extremely rich and fascinating history, Slovakia is currently one of our favourite destinations. For city breaks, we recommend spending at least a few days in the capital of Bratislava and then if you have the time, exploring a bit more of the beautiful north, east and south of the country.

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No trip to Slovakia is truly complete without a visit to Spis Castle. It stands on a 600 metre (1968.5 ft) hill overlooking the town of Spisska Kapitula and is the largest fortified castle in Central Europe. It was built over the course of a number of centuries so features a variety of architectural styles. Slovenský raj (or Slovakia Paradise as it is translated) is another incredible experience to enjoy in Slovakia. It features around 100km of picturesque hiking trails leading past canyons, meadows and many waterfalls. Some of the walks are a bit more challenging for the more adventurous and experienced type. Just outside of Bratislava you will find the small town of Modra. It is one of the most charming places to visit and has a big wine making tradition. Here you can find guided tours of the vineyards as well as plenty of wine sampling to do. In Bratislava itself, you can find everything you would expect from a European capital including plenty of historic sites, traditions, tours, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Slovakia offers a wide variety of accommodation options to choose from to suit travellers of all tastes and budgets given its popularity with tourists. The options available to you all completely depend on where you stay. The bigger cities like Bratislava have the full range of accommodation choices whereas the smaller towns are often only limited to a few apartments or B&Bs. One bonus with Slovakia is that you can guarantee that it will be relatively cheap wherever you go. In terms of dining out, in the more remote areas you are likely to find more traditional cuisines, food and drink including Goulash Soup and Dumplings with Sheep’s Cheese. The bigger cities like Bratislava have a wider variety of options to cater to the different tastes of tourists.

The holiday season in Slovakia lasts from around May to September when the temperatures are at their warmest and all of the activities, attractions and festivals tend to take place in the country. Temperatures regularly reach the mid 20s during the summer months. You can check on the Cheekytrip website for the availability of holidays from your local airport. Direct flights to Slovakia are available from a number of UK regional airports, with Bratislava definitely being the best option for reaching the country from an airport near you.

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