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One of the wonderful things about a city break to Dublin is its closeness to the rest of the UK. It is so easy to hop on a short, cheap flight and save the time and money that can be better spent on arrival. Of course, that isn’t the only great thing about Dublin. There is so much to do, see and experience in and around the Irish capital that will keep you wanting to come back for more.

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Most of you will know what to expect when it comes to the climate of Dublin, as it is very similar to what we are used to. Nonetheless, the April-October period is probably the best time to go due to its warmer average daily temperatures which make sight-seeing and activity-doing much more pleasant.

There are some must-see sights that are worth pointing out if you are considering a break to this exciting city. One of those is the Guinness Storehouse which has become a bit of an iconic image of the city. The Storehouse provides tours which teach you about the history of the famous beverage, an opportunity to see how it is made as well as finishing with a complimentary pint of the good stuff! Another must-see sight, perhaps not after visiting the Guinness storehouse, is St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This immense building was founded in 1191 and its sheer size and architectural design will be sure to strike some awe into you.

Away from the mainstream tourist sights, there are actually many lesser-known things to do around the city that don’t often get mentioned but are certainly worth knowing about. Take St. Michan’s mummies for example. In the basement of the church, you can find the mummified remains of several figures and even get the chance to shake the hand of an 800-year-old mummy, if that’s your thing. Or take a trip to the National Leprechaun Museum which not only tells the tale of the nation’s infamous little people but also features exhibits on all kinds of national folklore and mythology. It is certainly worth doing if you have the time!