Cheap Car Hire in Santander

Car hire is becoming increasingly popular with travellers all over the world due to its convenience and affordability. Having a car to use on your travels gives you complete freedom over where you go, how far you can travel and perhaps most importantly, working to your own schedule. Rather than having to stick to the rigid schedules of bus and tour operators, you are free to come and go from the city’s various attractions as you please. Because Spain has a very extensive and well-established car-hire industry, there is plenty of competition amongst companies which drives down the prices for you. This means that no matter what Spanish city you decide to hire a car in, you are sure to find some fantastic deals - and Santander is no different. Taxis can be both unreliable and expensive so having a car to get you where you need to be won’t just save you a lot of time, it will also likely save you a lot of money as well. Whether you are looking for something flashy, something convenient or something that is going to fit all of the kids in, car hire is definitely your best option.

Car Hire Places of Interest in Santander

Santander sits right to the north of Spain and although you might not get the year-round sunshine that you tend to expect from most Spanish destinations, it is one of the most culturally-rich cities in the entire country. It is to be treated similarly to a city break in any other part of Europe. Santander has a beautiful natural charm, amazing urban beaches, plenty of foodie restaurants and dishes that are to die for and relatively quiet city streets make it a very tranquil yet scenic destination. Centro Botin is perhaps one of the most striking sights of the city with its contemporary design consisting of over 300,000 pearlescent discs. It is one of the major art attractions of the country, not just the region. Santander is also the ideal place to sample some of the best tapas in Spain as well as unique dishes or ‘pinchos’ that can’t be found anywhere else - expect plenty of seafood! A visit to the quiet coastal town of La Maruca is also highly recommended as well as a trip to the ever-lively El Sardinero Beach.

Santander Car Hire Tips

  • Santander is quite manageable with just public transport. However, navigating public transport in a foreign country and tongue is never easy, so avoid hiring your own car at your own risk.
  • Some of the best spots are situated in and around the outskirts of Santander, meaning a car is the ideal choice for convenience.
  • The best place to hire a car in Santander is directly from the airport. Here you will find big companies like Europcar, Thrifty and Enterprise. Hiring from the train station is also an option.