Cheap Car Hire in Barcelona

With an incredible range of attractions and sites to visit in Barcelona car hire will give you the ability to explore at your own leisure. Without having to worry about bus schedules, taxi prices or the quickest walking route you will have the freedom to do what you want, when you want! Make sure before going ahead and hiring a car you check the terms and conditions carefully, check your documents, consider what insurance you will need and inspect the car for any damages in order to have the smoothest of handovers and avoid any unnecessary financial hits.


Car Hire Places of Interest in Barcelona

Barcelona has so many must see attractions including the Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo, both designed by Antoni Gaudi one of the most well known Spanish architects. As well as that Barcelona’s beautiful beachfront stretches for miles, it does normally take about 50 minutes to walk from the main centre to Lugaris Beach, however by hiring a car the journey is cut to around 10 minutes ensuring you can get the most out of your beach day! Not only that but what would normally be an hours walk to the popular new mall Diagonal Mar, is only a 15 minute drive in the car from the city centre, perfect if you want to escape the sun for a couple hours. Finally, if you are wanting to uncover more of the history of Barcelona why not visit Barcelona City History Museum where you can explore a site preserving 4,000 square metres of fascinating Roman grounds.

Car Hire Tips in Barcelona

The convenience of hiring a car whilst staying in Barcelona means you have the option to enjoy day trips to areas closeby, for example, the impressive Costa Brava beaches are a 1 hour 40 minute drive away via the AP-7 motorway, which is somewhere many tourists enjoy visiting. As well as that the incredible Montserrat Mountain Roads are 45km northwest of Barcelona and offer breathtaking views of Catalunya when you reach the top. The route will take around an hour from Barcelona and after following some twisty, narrow roads you will make it to the top and witness its breath-taking beauty. Finally, for those wanting to try a bit of the local cuisine, why not stop at Cal Noio restaurant on route, a popular stop off for hikers walking the mountain and the perfect place to embrace your surroundings.