Cheap Car Hire in Almeria

Car hire is now an essential industry in almost all holiday destinations around the world. This comes as no surprise given the 3 big advantages that hiring a car gives you while on holiday: convenience, flexibility and accessibility. There is huge convenience in being able to nip out in your car for ten minutes to the local shops rather than walking half an hour there and back in the heat. Car hire is flexible since you can come and go from places whenever you like, without having to stick to the timetable of local bus services which can be unreliable anyway. Car hire provides immense accessibility to the whole surrounding area and region. Rather than being confined to your small town or resort, having your own car means you can explore and discover new places directly and only for the price of fuel. In smaller Spanish cities like Almeria, hiring a car is definitely the best way to get the most out of your holiday.

Car Hire Places of Interest in Almeria

Almeria is famous for being the only city in Europe with a hot desert climate. It is situated right next to the only desert in Europe so you can expect very warm, dry conditions all year round. Although not as big or as grand as some of the other Spanish cities in the Andalusian region, Almeria still boasts plenty of great things to see and do. Definitely the most striking attraction that the city has to offer is the Alcazaba - the prominent fortress that could actually double-up as a town. It was built as long ago as 955 AD when the region was under Muslim rule. It contains shops, a mosque, gardens, a fountain, a defensive tower and residential quarters. For a truly relaxing experience in the city, head to Aire de Almeria. This hammam recreates the famous bathing experiences of the Romans and Ottomans, with baths of varying temperatures; from cold plunges to hair-scorchingly hot ones. The beaches of the region provide the best conditions for wind-surfing and if you are looking for a traditional Spanish shopping atmosphere, head to Calle de Las Tiendas.

Almeria Car Hire Tips

  • The best place to hire a car is directly from Almeria airport. Here you will find competitive prices amongst the likes of Enterprise, Thrifty, Dollar and Budget.
  • There isn’t a load of things to do in Almeria city centre, so if you want to explore more of the outskirts and even neighbouring cities, a car is definitely recommended.