Cheap Car Hire in Girona (Gerona)

What better way to make the most of your holiday than by hiring a car? This gives you the freedom to explore wherever you want, giving you the opportunity to visit sites and attractions that may not always be easily accessible to tourists. Not only that but, whilst on holiday you don’t want to spend hours on public transport as this can take away from your time exploring, especially if you are only on holiday for a relatively short period of time. After all, time is precious! Finally, if you are travelling as a couple or a family you can save money by hiring a car as buses will tend to charge per person per trip which can really start to add up.

Car Hire Places of Interest in Girona

You will find a great range of sites and attractions to visit in Girona, so there is sure to be something here which appeals to everyone. Firstly, for those interested in the culture and historical side of the city you have to visit the Passeig de la Muralla and Girona Cathedral, these are two of the top attractions in the area. As well as that, the Onyar River and Parc de la Devesa are great places to visit if you are wanting a stroll through some calming, picturesque sites. Other popular activities include wine tasting and brunch tours as well as a walking tapas tour, the perfect way to unwind and try some of the delicious local cuisine! Not only that but with the added bonus of hiring your own car you can take day trips to some fantastic places close by, for example, it takes roughly 1 hour 20 minutes to drive from Girona to Barcelona and only 40 minutes to Costa Brava. Therefore, whether you want to explore the gorgeous city of Barcelona or relax in the stunning coastal region of the Costa Brava, hiring a car in Girona is definitely a great option.

Car Hire Tips for Girona

  • You will find a good selection of car hire desks available at Girona airport.
  • If you are only wanting to hire a car for a shorter period of time, a couple of days for example, all the main resorts and major towns also have car rental offices.
  • Always ask about the petrol policy as it can vary between companies, some offer a bring it back empty policy whereas others offer a bring it back full agreement.
  • If you are driving and in a rush avoid rural roads and stick to the AP7 motorway, bear in mind however that this is a toll road.
  • The amount of car hire companies available at the airport can be a bit overwhelming, however a greater selection means lower pricing.
  • It is always best to book online and then all you need to do is collect, as you will often find the workers try to upsell you perks which you don’t really need.
  • If you are wanting to explore hidden villages, sandy beaches and beautiful coves, definitely consider hiring a car.
  • It’s always a good idea to use a GPS when travelling anywhere unfamiliar, google maps navigation will be a big help when driving to places like Barcelona.