Cheap Car Hire in Dublin

Hiring a car will ultimately save you a lot of time as you won’t have to find and stick to the public transport schedules therefore you will have plenty of time to yourself to explore and sightsee. Not only that but driving your own car will provide a much more relaxing trip as you won’t have to worry about paying for an overpriced taxi fare for example or missing buses, which is even more difficult if you are travelling with small children as public transport can be stressful and confusing at times. Finally, as Dublin is the largest city in Ireland, what better way to get around and visit all the sites you want than using a car of your own!

Car Hire Places of Interest in Dublin

You will find an abundance of sites and attractions to visit in Dublin you won’t know where to start! Firstly, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones why not take part in the Game of Thrones tour where you can visit several filming locations, it does however last a full day but with the convenience of a car you can guarantee you’ll still be able to see all the other sites on your itinerary. One very popular attraction is the Guinness Storehouse, this is an interactive museum experience where you will explore the past, present and future of Saint James’s Gate while taking part in a guided beer and food tasting. As well as that, for those not afraid of heights why not try the Skyline Tour at Croke Park? Here you can walk around the roof of one of the biggest sports stadiums in Europe, with fantastic views of the city, Dublin Bay and mountains. An attraction perfect for families is Butler’s Chocolate Experience, the chocolate factory and museum is filled with sweet-smelling exhibits and even allows you to create your own chocolate creation, perfect to inspire the kids’ creativity! Finally, with the added bonus of having a car you will be able to escape the city for a day or two if you wish, this gives you the opportunity to visit places such as the Titanic Belfast visitor experience without having to find public transport or adding the cost of a taxi fare.

Car Hire Tips in the Dublin

  • Hertz, Europcar, Avis, Enterprise, Budget and local operator Dooley are present in Terminal 1’s arrivals hall and Terminal 2’s multi-storey car park in Dublin Airport
  • In order to find the best deals it is recommended to look online beforehand as it is easier to compare pricing and that way you can find the best price for you
  • Cheap car hire can also be found in Dublin’s city centre, there is a variety of booking offices located north and south of the River Liffey
  • The drive from Dublin Airport to central Dublin takes roughly 20 minutes
  • The city centre can be busy during rush hour, and you will often encounter traffic if you are trying to cross the river
  • Parking in the centre can be done by using the multi-storey car parks or on-street meters, generally the car parks offer a more competitive price
  • Hiring a car gives you access to parts of Dublin often hidden and forgotten to tourists, while also making your journey more comfortable
  • Speed limit signs are marked in kilometres per hour rather than miles per hour

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