Cheap Car Hire in Montpellier

Hiring a cheap car in Montpellier will actually save you time on your trip as you won’t have to find and stick to public transport schedules, as a result, you will be able to fit in everything on your itinerary and have plenty of time to explore. As well as that, hiring a car gives you the chance to broaden your horizons and move away from the typical tourist spots giving you the opportunity to visit more untouched and quaint areas, perfect for making your trip that bit more exciting. Ultimately, when you hire a cheap rental vehicle there is no route that can be left untouched!

Information on Places to Visit in Montpellier With a Car

One of the top attractions in Montpellier is the Fabre museum, the building itself is a work of art with a stunning combination of classic and contemporary architecture. Not only that but the museum houses one of France’s richest collections of European art, so it is definitely worth a visit at some point during your stay. Alternatively, a trip to Montpellier is not complete without visiting Place de la Comedie often considered to be the heart of Montpellier. It is one of the largest pedestrian areas in Europe often filled with street performers and surrounded by quaint cafes great if you are looking for somewhere to stop off for a bite to eat before exploring the area further. As well as that, another popular attraction in the city is Parc Zoologique Henri de Lunaret, this zoo is free and is a great place for a day out if you are travelling with family as the kids will be able to witness some beautiful animals including giraffes, zebras and gazelles. It is sure to be fun for all! With the added advantage of hiring a low-cost vehicle you will be able to venture on road trips to exciting places nearby, for example, Béziers which takes about 45 minutes to drive to from Montpellier. This town has over two millennia worth of history and so makes a great destination for exploring. As well as that, why not visit Narbonne, a former Roman port city just an hour drive away. The city used to be situated along the sea, however, sand and silt build up from over 2000 years now means the city is located several miles from the sea. Overall, this is a great wait to escape the hustle and bustle of Montpellier’s centre and enjoy a stroll around a more quiet and quaint town.

Car Hire Tips in Montpellier

  • It takes roughly 15 minutes to drive from Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport to Montpellier itself.
  • It is very easy to arrange car hire from Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport as there are plenty of car rental desks available all offering low-cost deals so there is sure to be something which suits you.
  • If you are planning a few day trips it is always a good idea to bring a satnav or have a GPS app enabled on your phone in order to find the best route.
  • To save money on your car hire it is best to book online in advance as you will be able to take advantage of deals and price comparisons.
  • Keep in mind that the city centre can be quite busy when driving during rush hour, so make sure to give yourself enough time if you have somewhere booked during these times.