Cheap Car Hire in Washington DC

Hiring a cheap rental vehicle in Washington DC is one of the best ways to explore all the capital city has to offer. You will be able to see the popular sites and attractions as well as having the opportunity to explore further afield and visit places away from the hustle and bustle of standard tourist areas. Ultimately, this gives you much more freedom to do what you want and so you will be able to tailor your holiday towards your interests and visit plenty of exciting places without having to rely on public transport or taxis.

Information on Places to Visit in Washington With a Car

A trip to Washington DC is of course never complete without a trip to the famous U.S Capitol building, quite possibly one of the most famous landmarks in the world! The grounds offer plenty of great photo opportunities and guests can also take part in a tour of the interior. Another very popular attraction is the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, established in 1910 this impressive museum holds the world’s most extensive collection of natural history specimens and human artefacts sure to keep you occupied for hours. As well as that, a trip to the National Mall tends to be popular amongst visitors, the Mall spans 1.2 miles and is America’s most visited national park. It features over 100 unique monuments and memorials and so is a great place to commemorate and celebrate the nation’s history. One of the best reasons to book a cheap rental in Washington DC is that it will be a great base for plenty of exciting road trips. For example, just a 10-minute drive from downtown DC you will be able to reach Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, the resting place of many military servicemen and women as well as certain former presidents including JFK. Alternatively, a two-hour drive south of Washington DC you will come across colonial Williamsburg. This beautiful, historic town will transport you to the 18th century and feels very similar to an open-air museum. Overall, it is sure to be fun for everyone so don’t wait any longer and book your cheap vehicle rental today!

Car Hire Tips in Washington DC

  • There is a great variety of car rental companies based in Washington DC Airport including Kayak, Autoeurope, Alamo, Budget and more all offering cheap and competitive prices.
  • In order to save money and find the best deals on vehicle rentals, you should book online well in advance of your travel date.
  • If you are planning on visiting other cities or states it is a good idea to bring a sat-nav or have a GPS app enabled on your phone in order for you to find the quickest route and to prevent you from getting lost.
  • Avoid driving during rush hour when possible as roads can get very busy during these times.
  • You will often find on-street parking and garages available near the main attractions and many places actually have free parking on a Sunday which is always a bonus!