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Gastouri is a village nestled within the hills of Corfu, just 10km away from Corfu Town. Although it is small in size, Gastouri receives many tourists flocking to the resort to see the famous Palace of Achillion. Built for Empress Elisabeth at the end of the 19th century, the palace has expansive gardens and incredible architecture. This isn’t the only tourist attraction in Gastouri, but it is certainly the main one.

Well Priced Holidays to Gastouri

Well-priced holidays to Gastouri are already popular with us Brits and the region can be reached from a select number of airports in the UK. The resort is situated in a very convenient place, being situated just over a 10-minute drive from Corfu Airport. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison for more cost-friendly holidays to this part of the world. Direct flights to Corfu tend to be around 3 hours long.

Gastouri is at its busiest during the summer period that runs from spring until autumn as tourists arrive to see the palace in the warmer temperatures. These temperatures tend to reach the low 30s throughout the summer months and remain mild until around October when they start to drop off to the mid- low-teens. Whilst the palace is still open in the off-season, there isn’t much to do in the rest of the resort so we definitely recommend a summer trip here.

The palace is by far and away the biggest attraction of this resort and neighbouring Achillion gets just as busy as a result of it. As well as the gardens, the palace also has statues of Greek heroes and philosophers, grand porches and is set in a simply stunning location. Although the palace gets most of the attention, there are other great things to do in Gatouri. Because of its location in the hills, there are a number of scenic routes to take in the green hills and some historic churches which are worth a picture or two. 

The majority of accommodation options in Gastouri are in the form of small hotels and apartments. The resort gets especially busy during the summer and with a limited amount of space, it is best to book well in advance if you want to visit this special part of Corfu. If you want somewhere to dine out in Gastouri, you will find no shortage of options with traditional Greek cuisine on offer in most establishments as well as international favourites.

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