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Symi Holidays
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Symi - sometimes spelt Simi - is a small and charming Greek island that is only 22 square miles big. It features one of the prettiest harbours across all of the Greek islands and is the perfect destination for those wanting to immerse themselves into traditional Greek culture and enjoy a laid-back getaway in the sun. 

Low Cost Holidays to Symi

Low-cost holidays to Symi are very readily available and the area can be reached from a variety of regional airports in the UK. The island has no airport of its own, so you will need to fly into nearby Rhodes and get a boat across to Symi from there. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site for more budget-friendly holidays to this amazing part of the world. Direct flights to Rhodes tend to be around 4 hours from most major UK airports.

Symi is at its prettiest and charming best throughout the summer period - from spring until autumn. Temperatures reach the high 20s on most days throughout this period making it a very reliable destination to visit in terms of the climate. Prices tend to be slightly cheaper outside of these months over the winter period, although temperatures drop to around the mid-teens. The island is still a relaxing and friendly holiday in the cooler months, but we definitely recommend a summer trip.

One of the major sights on the island is the monastery of Panormitis. It is located to the south of the island and features an 18th-century Venetian-styled building which you can go inside of at certain times. The small sandy beach in front and the mountainous backdrop make this sight picture-perfect! The island is home to a variety of great beaches, most of which can be accessed by boat. Symi is also a very popular destination for walkers and those who love the great outdoors. The combination of scenic landscape and designated walking paths make this place the ideal retreat into nature.

There is a good selection of accommodation options to choose from in Symi, with most of the best choices being found in and around the resorts of the island. Symi Town can get extremely busy during peak summer season so you will want to book in advance if you are staying there. The island is also known for its picturesque villas and houses that you can rent. Symi also has a solid variety of restaurants to pick from. Most of the best are situated in the old town of the capital but there are some amazing choices (albeit more expensive) by the main town’s harbour.

If you are seeking an affordable holiday to Symi, we can certainly be of service. Cheekytrip is a price comparison site with holiday offers from over three dozen travel companies. Since they are all competing for your custom, prices are very competitive. To find the best deal, simply enter your dates, destination and point of departure into our search engine and within a matter of minutes, we'll find you the Symi holiday that provides the best value for money. As offers and prices change daily, it’s best not to delay. Book now!

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