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Kalamata is the main city and port of the Messenia region of Greece. It is one of Greece’s most diverse cities with its cultural sights to visit, historical city centre, a buzzing and picturesque coastline and plenty of great places to party. Because it has so many amazing things to offer, it attracts visitors of all backgrounds from all over the world.

Well-priced holidays to Kalamata

Well-priced holidays to Kalamata are already quite popular with us Brits and the region can be reached from a select number of airports in the UK. The city itself is easily reached from Kalamata International Airport, which is found just outside of the city. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison for more cost-friendly holidays to this part of the world. Direct flights to this part of Greece tend to be just under 4 hours long.

Kalamata is at its busiest during the summer period that runs from spring until autumn. Temperatures tend to reach at least the high 20s consistently throughout the summer months and even sometimes into the low 30s. They remain fairly high until around October when they start to drop off to the low-teens and often into single digits. Although there are still sights to do and see during the cooler months of the year, we definitely recommend a trip during the summer when the atmosphere of the place is at its best.

There is an abundance of historical and beautiful sights to see all over Kalamata. Some of the best include a visit to the Temple of the Visitation of the Saviour, a trip up to the Castle of Kalamata and the city’s military museum where you can find uniforms and war materials from 1821 to the present day. When you aren’t exploring the inner attractions of the city, you should head to the stunning coastline. Here you will find two of the best beaches in Kalamata: Voidokilia Beach and Zanzibar Beach. Each of these have their own unique sights, attractions and reasons for visiting.

Kalamata has a large amount of budget hotels for you to choose from as well as plenty of luxurious hotels if you have a bit more cash to spare. Many of the best budget options reside on Navarinou Street and the luxury choices aren’t far away either. The city has a number of excellent restaurants, bars and cafes dotted all over. Kalamata itself is widely known for its variety and quality of olives so if you are a fan, make sure you sample those!

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