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Astrakeri is a resort on the north coast of Corfu that is perhaps better known for its beach - aptly named Astrakeri Beach. It is very low on tourist facilities making it the perfect getaway for anyone who enjoys the authentic, peaceful experience that comes from relatively untouched destinations. The beach is mostly sand but is pebbly in parts. 

Cheap holidays to Astrakeri

Cheap holidays to Astrakeri are very readily available and the island can be reached from most regional airports in the UK. The resort of Astrakeri is easily reached from Corfu’s main airport, being located just under a 1-hour drive away. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site for more low cost holidays to this part of the world. Direct flights to Corfu tend to be around 3 hours long which is ideal for getting your holiday kick-started as soon as possible!

Astrakeri is at its busiest throughout the summer period - from spring until autumn - but never gets too busy at any time of year. Temperatures reach the high 20s and even into the low 30s on most days throughout this period making it a very reliable destination to visit in that sense. Prices tend to be slightly cheaper outside of these months over the winter period but as the temperatures drop and the beach isn’t as attractive as it is during the hot summer months, a visit at this time of year isn’t really recommended. 

Despite being less tourist-focused than other resorts in Corfu, there is still plenty to do without getting bored. The beach has plenty of space for setting up your own area, playing with the kids or going for a swim in the usually-calm waters. There is a volleyball net if you fancy getting a little more active. There is also a small jetty where island tours leave from. These tours will give you a very unique perspective of the island as well as the chance to see coves that couldn’t be accessed otherwise and even the possibility of seeing a variety of marine life.

Just behind the beach area is where you will find the limited amount of facilities that are in Astrakeri. There are a few hotels to choose from that are fairly similar and of good quality. In terms of eateries, you will find a couple of fish restaurants just offset from the beach where their catch of the day is always highly recommended. If you aren’t a fish fan, don’t worry as there are plenty of other dishes to choose from too.

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