Cheap Car Hire in Dubrovnik

By hiring a cheap car in Dubrovnik you will be able to make the very most out of your holiday as you will have greater access to sites and attractions not always within the reach of tourists who just rely on public transport. As well as that, you will be able to take the holiday at your own pace with no need to stick to public transport schedules. Overall, with a great variety of deals online you are sure to find a cheap hire car that suits you, making sure you get the most out of your trip whilst also saving money.

Information on Places to Visit in Dubrovnik with a Car

One of the most popular sites to visit in Croatia are the Walls of Dubrovnik. This series of defence walls were built in the 13th century and run uninterrupted for 1940 metres, however, they are most famously known due to their feature in Game of Thrones as King’s Landing. Whether you are a fan of the show or not this is definitely one of the best places to visit in Dubrovnik. Another popular place to visit is Lokrum Island, which is just a short ferry ride from Dubrovnik Old Town, making day trips here is pretty popular. It is an uninhabited island and nature reserve making this the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of lively Dubrovnik. Alternatively, a trip to Stradun, the main street in Dubrovnik Old Town, also tends to be quite popular amongst tourists. It is the venue of all public feasts and processions while also being the main business street of the city core. The street is rich in history and culture and so should not be missed a visit! With the added bonus of hiring a car, you will have the opportunity to explore other places in Croatia. One of the most picturesque routes in the country connects Dubrovnik and Rijeka, this is the Adriatic road. By taking this route you will witness some of the most beautiful sights and pass through some of the most gorgeous landscapes. A visit to Dubrovnik really isn’t complete without a trip along this road.

Car Hire Tips in Dubrovnik

  • By flying into Dubrovnik airport you will have the opportunity to choose from both local and international car hire companies so you are sure to find a low-cost deal perfect for you!
  • It is always recommended to book your vehicle rental online in advance in order to be sure that you have chosen the deal which most suits you.
  • There is also the option to hire a car in Dubrovnik itself, which is beneficial if you are wanting to hire a car for a certain part of your stay.
  • You will find many of the roads in Dubrovnik are one-way, therefore it is always a good idea to bring a sat-nav or have a GPS app installed on your phone in order to find the best route.
  • The majority of roads in Croatia are well maintained which helps to make your driving experience that bit more stress-free!

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