Cheap Car Hire in Lanzarote

Hiring a car is a great opportunity for you to take charge of your holiday, you can forget about the expensive and restrictive organised trips and explore where you want, when you want! There is no need to keep to a fixed schedule and so you can take your holiday at your own pace. As well as that having your own car allows you to be much more comfortable as you don’t need to worry about the stress of using public transport which can be confusing especially in another country. Finally, hiring a car gives you the chance to broaden your horizons and move away from the classic tourist areas giving you the freedom to explore the more untouched and quaint areas, perfect for making your trip that bit more special.

Car Hire Places of Interest in Lanzarote

Some of the most exciting places to visit in Lanzarote include Timanfaya National Park, these dormant volcanoes haven’t erupted since 1824 so thankfully you don’t have to worry about any explosions but they do provide one of the most breathtaking landscapes covering a quarter of the island. This is a site not to be missed! As well as that Jameos del Agua caves is a stunning cave system with openings to the sky featuring a restaurant, pool and auditorium. Not only that but after dark this unique underground location hosts live music and gastronomy events which is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Thirdly, Tequise is the oldest settlement in the Canaries and was actually Lanzarote’s capital for 450 years, it is a beautiful town to explore and is great for those wanting to learn more about the history of the island. The town is not often on tourist’s radars and therefore you have the advantage of having a car as you are free to visit the area whenever you like and see what it has to offer. Finally, there are plenty of outdoor natural swimming pools that can be found around Lanzarote’s southern and eastern coasts, it is a calmer place to swim than out in the open sea but is wilder than your average chlorinated pool. With the help of a car you can be sure to find the perfect spot to stop off and enjoy these beautiful natural pools.

Car Hire Tips in Lanzarote

  • Given the island’s relatively small size and flat surface, Lanzarote is the perfect place to drive for those renting a car abroad for the first time
  • It is relatively easy driving in Lanzarote and there is generally little to no traffic or congestion, except possibly if you visit Arrecife. As well as that it is good to bear in mind that it can be challenging when driving in Arrecife due to the one-way streets
  • The price of gas is low compared to other places in Europe therefore driving around the island won’t be an expensive activity, especially as it will save you on taxi fares and bus tours
  • If you follow the road from Cueva de los Verdes up to Mirador del Rio you will witness some incredible views of the smaller island of La Graciosa, definitely one of the best routes on the island
  • Booking advance for car hire abroad can save you a lot of money, far more than just walking up to a car hire booth on the day
  • If you want to book now but are worried that the price may drop, why not consider booking with free cancellation? This way you can always rebook if the price drops
  • Make sure to check the car’s condition and report any visible damages in order to avoid being charged for other people’s carelessness