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Stegna is a beach resort on the island of Rhodes that is a prime spot for a relaxing getaway in the Greek summer sunshine. It is just 500m from the village of Archangelos and has a very traditional village feel to it. For years, Stegna Beach was a hidden spot that only locals knew about. Now, it has started to grow in popularity with people from all over the world.

Low Cost Holidays to Stegna

Low-cost holidays to Stegna are a very pleasant experience and the region can be reached from most regional airports in the UK. The resort itself is conveniently located around a 40-minute drive from Rhodes International Airport. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site for budget holiday deals to this picturesque and laid-back part of the world. Direct flights to Rhodes tend to be around 4 hours long and a little longer if you need to get a connecting flight. 

The best time to visit this resort is definitely the summer period as you can’t do as many activities like sitting outside the cafes and relaxing on the beach when the winter period comes around. Temperatures tend to reach the high 20s and low 30s throughout the summer months on a fairly consistent basis whilst the period between Autumn to Spring drops to the low teens. The summer period is also when most of the businesses dedicated to tourists are open and the resort is at its liveliest best.

Most people come to Stegna for the beautiful beach area. It stretches along on both ends until it reaches the small harbours of the north and south. The shallow waters of the beach make this place a popular destination for those travelling with small children. For the slightly older, thrill-seeking guests, water sports are on offer and beach barbecue parties are common in the summer months. There is a daily bus to Rhodes City if you fancy a day-trip and a change of scenery.

The accommodation options in Stegna are fairly limited compared to other places on the island due to this place not being a fully developed tourist resort. There is one large hotel that dominates the centre of the beach and you will find a selection of apartments, villas and smaller hotels dotted around the resort. There is one main beach cantina as well as other small restaurants and cafes in terms of dining. 

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