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Lardos Holidays
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Lardos holidays take you to south east of Rhodes which claims to be the most scenic area of the island. The village itself lies just over a mile inland from the sand and shingle beach and is a charming maze of cobbled streets and small squares. There is a choice of beaches, Lardos Bay is the closest at two kilometres from the town and Glystra beach is three. With warm, safe and shallow waters the resort is very popular with families. Those with young children may wish to take their holiday in the hotels and apartments that line the beach, rather than those in the town. Water sports are available and with bars and tavernas close to the beach you are never far from refreshments.

Lardos Holidays

While in Lardos, be sure to visit Lindos, said to be the prettiest town on the island. Take the trouble to walk to the ancient acropolis above the town as it is well worth visiting, not only for its historic value but for stunning views over the town and the coast. In order to make the most of your visit, and if you wish to explore the island more fully, car hire is recommended.

Lardos hotels and apartments reach high standards with all modern amenities, and service is very good. Take a look at the discounted all inclusive holidays as they may cost less than you'd imagine and make economic sense, especially when travelling with children clamouring for snacks and drinks. Even though the number of restaurants is not large, menus are wide ranging and cater for most tastes. Wines are both inexpensive and pleasing to the palate. Shops provide all your holiday essentials and if more choice is needed, take the bus to Lindos. Lardos nightlife is fairly low key with the larger hotels providing much of the evening entertainment.

Lardos holidays have a long season and can be taken from early April until late October with temperatures ring from a very pleasant twenty, into the high thirties in the height of summer. Several low cost airlines fly direct from regional airports to Rhodes. You can check on the Cheekytrip website to see if there are holidays from your local airport. Transfers to Lardos take almost an hour.

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